what gets me riled up: people who act like the pandemic is over and they can go back to travelling and mass-partying once *they* are vaccinated.

Don't get me wrong: I find masks uncomfortable, I miss going to concerts, and one of the things I enjoy most in life is singing with others. I will be fully vaccinated in about a month.

But I still wear that mask when I'm around people, I meet a very limited number of people, and I hold off on travel as much as I can.

It's not over yet.


@draco Dito zu allem. Und wenn ich jemanden treffe, mach ich danach tatsächlich auch mindestens eine Woche kein weiteres Treffen aus, also ein bisschen wie Quarantäne. Just in case.


@draco same here. There will still be a need for responsible behaviour for a long time.


@juni yes.

Probably being somewhat introverted and basically living on the internet makes it all easier.

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