Just now: 355 words on my genderqueer femmeness essay.

I'm on a train and the internet connection is pretty pathetic, as usual.

Ah the joys of living at a boarding school campus: Parcel delivery services routinely don't find our address.

The one exception is DHL.

musing over gender identity foo 

musing over gender identity foo 

musing over gender identity foo 

602 words on my genderqueer femmeness essay today.

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Wohnungssuche in Berlin, boosts + 

queer self-doubt, therapy 

my day, small health complaint 

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Today is #InternationalDayofDisabilities and I'd like to show off my hearing aids once again.

Without them I'm a poorly concentrated, tired and grumpy person. With them I can talk and work for hours, I can listen and be in noisy environments without getting exhausted.

Hearing loss is an invisible disability. You can't tell that I'm hearing impaired from looking at me, because my hearing aids are often hidden by my hair or simply hard to spot behind my ears. That also makes it harder to have my needs met. Even with hearing aids I need that people look at me and speak clearly when they're talking to me.

I often feel like I'm an imposter when I call myself disabled, but the alternative is to pretend I have a normal hearing and stop functioning in everyday life. I'm beyond happy and grateful that I live in a country where I get hearing aids for free and where I have rights both as a disabled student and in the workplace.

And here are my tiny, wonderful hearing aids 💞

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I know I retooted it earlier but I've gotta make my own post because fuck yeah #OpenSource #SewingPatterns


#sewingpattern #sewing

I'm thinking about a new name for a blog I have been keeping for a long long time, but haven't updated in the past two years, going on three years.

I don't want to delete all the old content, the oldest posts date back to 2008 or 2009... I'm a different person now, but all I want is a new name for it.

It doesn't have a specific topic; it's been my personal mixed bag of whatever I wanted to share with the internet.

I'll think about this for a bit while I take care of more urgent matters...

754 words on my monstrous genderqueer femmeness essay. Time to go to bed for me now!

I'm not going to sew myself a dress like that anytime soon because the gigs I'd wear it to are too soon, and I'm an abysmally slow sewist.

OK, work was done. Now I'm hanging out on sewing supply websites leasurely surfing for the perfect classical choir gig dress.

That dress would have a very specific aesthetic and it's surprisingly hard to find a dress that combines all the things. Starting with it being cut in a way that I can wear a bra with normal shoulder straps because there's no way I'm going to sing in a strapless bra, even if I could find one in my size.

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