(I'm brushing up my french and dabbling in Korean. Sadly, there's no Icelandic course.)

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I'm at my mom's place and everyone is practicing different languages with Duolingo.

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There will be a #SuperCollider #liveStream tonight:


at 7:30pm CEST (UTC +2).

I will probably compose some more, maybe work on the 'title theme' I started two weeks ago, or work on the piece from a couple weeks ago.

I'm a little overwhelmed by things that happened today, but maybe streaming will be good for me and help me get my mind off said things for a while.

tfw you really intend to keep your bulletjournal, but then the cat plunks down on your desk like "I don't think so, human".

Why is insta so inaccessible for me?
a) resource intensity. I had to toss it from one of my previous phones because it repeatedly became nonresponsive or even made my phone crash.
b) algorithm foo
c) (the worst) designed to be addictive. Last time I used IG, it wasn't as bad as twitter and FB when it comes to showing me stuff that upsets me, but still, I have come to view this "addictive" design as outright harmful for me (because yay, ADHD-fueled emotional dysregulation + hyperfocus).

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and yet another case where corporate social media insists on being a silo and and only letting people view content through their prescribed channels.
was a chance for me to view stuff on instagram without the things that made insta inaccessible and detrimental for me.

But I guess the ways that make it (a little more) accessible and non-detrimental to my mental health make it less profitable.

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Sehr cool und benutzbar auch jenseits von Afrika.

RT @PollicyOrg@twitter.com

📣📣📣We're launching Digital SafeTea🚀🚀🚀

In response to a need for digital safety training for African women, we teamed up w/ @ParadigmHQ@twitter.com to develop #DigitalSafeTea, an interactive fiction game that gives women the 'tea' 🍵 on online safety

Play here👉🏾digitalsafetea.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/PollicyOrg/status/

jerk behavior, hurtful language 

Because I just observed that: If you refuse to learn non-hurtful language because of an impulse of misguided rebellion or just because you've been living under a stone, you're not conservative per se... you're just ignorant and possibly an asshole.

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I have a few reflections and advice on the 5-year anniversary of coming out as transgender:

1. The best piece of advice I got: "Your transition belongs to you." There are no true rules in this. You don't even have to transition, and you certainly don't have to transition to anything established, or understandable to anyone else.

There are no objective body schedules or social milestones. You are free to make up WHATEVER you want. And you are free to push for your standards to be respected and assisted. Transition belongs to you.

Outside of hard-and-fast medical numbers and safety guidelines (real physical safety, not gatekeeping bullshit), you'll encounter invisible rails attempting to direct your experience. It's alright to oppose this, and to call them out. But the core of your experience is your own, and that can't be taken away.


(boosts of this thread are ok)

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feminist history, lesbian exclusion (1) 

“In the mid-1960s… groups of feminists especially in Anglophone and European contexts began excluding certain women from feminist spaces. During this period, the excluded women were principally lesbians, as being a lesbian was considered akin to being an un-woman; someone who had “left the Territory of Womanhood altogether’ (Koedt, 1973)”

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TIL dass die Pappbetten im Olympischen Dorf in Japan absolut nix mit Corona zu tun haben und schon lange feststanden: sumikai.com/nachrichten-aus-ja

Aber Hauptsache, Twitter hat eine Anti-Sex-Kampagnensau durchs Dorf getrieben. 😶

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It's Thursday and that means there will be a #SuperCollider #liveStream at 7:30pm CEST (5:30 UTC):


Tonight, I will work on a special composition!

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A cis friend in Scottand just phoned and reported they were walking with a cis mate when they unexpectedly saw a tiny terf protest in the city centre.
The terfs were not paying any attention at all to the banners they'd hung everywhere, so my friend quietly removed *all* of them and binned them except for one.

This is the kind of cis allyship I want to see more of in the world.

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Impfangebot für Euch, Freunde& Familien

>Diese Woche, vom 19. bis zum 23.07., in den Zeiträumen zwischen 10.00 - 19.00 Uhr, gibt es durch die Stadt #Düsseldorf ein mobiles #Impfzentrum an der Hochschule Düsseldorf

Dieses richtet sich insbesondere, aber nicht ausschließlich, an #Studierende. Auch Beschäftigte &Nicht-Hochschulangehörige können sich in diesem Zeitraum ohne Anmeldung im Gebäude 4 impfen lassen. Der Zutritt erfolgt über den Eingang an der Münsterstraße 156< #Impfung


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I've seen a few people use various reminder methods for ADHD and other executive dysfunction/memory issues, and I've used many myself, but as of yesterday I'm trying this method where I have key tags labelled with various tasks attached to carabiners and then I wear the one with the ones I need to do today on myself around the house and it rattles and reminds me stuff needs doing, it worked great yesterday and I'm hoping to keep using it!

The green carabiner is today's task, red is storage for things I don't need to do and the gold one is completed tasks!

I have some labelled Task A, Task B, etc which are for one off rather than regular tasks (which are written on my to do list), and all the others are labelled with specific daily or regular tasks!

household work, when somebody Does It Wrong 

I mean... when loaded properly, that machine can handle pretty crusty, greasy, gross shit. And stuff that has been soaked beforehand? The dirt will come right off.

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household work, when somebody Does It Wrong 

It is surprising to me how strong my feelings about doing the dishes the right way are. Especially how I keep getting upset at the wife's fear that the dishwasher (a really modern one!) won't get the dishes clean enough, so she pre-washes things until they're essentially clean.

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