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I wanted to wait till Pride was over because that's not my space and I generally just want to support during that time, but I did have some thoughts about where I connect with it all.


ADHD or autism? 

Some recent events have made me doubt whether I am in addition to my .

Like, I get stressed if I can't plan, I get overwhelmed by disorder (although it feels more like "I see it all and it is more information than my brain can process"), and I have misophonia.

I want things to have a place, and I have limited capacity for social interaction. OTOH, I don't have much trouble with eye contact.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days 

Watched a bit of the Korean take on "Designated Survivor", and it's fun to see a similar story, but told through a very different cultural lens.

Also, I love the lead character.

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If you'd rather listen to #experimental #ambient made mostly with #SuperCollider :sccube:, you can buy my music on Bandcamp :bandcamp: :

Thank you for helping to keep me afloat!

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It's the 1st of the month. Which is a good time to peddle my Patreon :patreon: to you!

Support this queer neurodivergent experimental sound & music nerd and get some exclusive writing and life updates. Higher tiers include my published music or even your name in my stream credits!


Also, if you don't like Patreon, you can drop me something into my virtual hat on Ko-Fi [1] or on LiberaPay [2].

[1]: ko-fi.com/modern_dragon
[2]: liberapay.com/modern_dragon/

I found a small piece of a wood plank that I (ab)used for bookbinding... and I instantly thought: "Cool! I can use this as a clapper!" I probably have to give it a little sanding to make sure it doesn't have rough edges, but then it should be fine.

That's what watching this video about pressing did to me.yewtu.be/watch?v=-9VDZ6eJyJA

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Reminder that "meritocracy" and "work ethic" are toxic lies made up to cover for rich people's and countries' systemic looting :purple_sparkling_heart:

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> A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed an August 2021 contract between U.S. crypto company Coinbase and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The contract shows that Coinbase is providing ICE with access to their "Coinbase Tracer" intelligence-gathering tool, which is used to trace #blockchain transactions and thwart laundering of funds through crypto tumblers.

Got my copy of "Make, Sew and Mend" by Bernadette Banner today and I love it so far.

Time for some outdoor activity*.

* resting in the hammock and reading a book

(At least I remembered the ASL sign for "I don't understand" from the handful of ASL signs the wife knows and shared with me.)

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lt: friendly reminder your “carbon footprint“ as an individual human consumer is a scam made up by corporations to both guilt trip and misdirect you

Walking in a super noisy environment at Pride last weekend made me be like "dang, now it would be good to know more sign language so I don't have to scream to talk to people". Cut curb effect in action!

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Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

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money (-) 

I just learned today that a customer of mine with some hefty outstanding bills is in serious financial trouble.

I hope I can still get my money eventually, but I'm moving in July and you know how expensive moving is.

Add to that: Summer vacation time tends to be slow business-wise, and moving will absorb all of my productivity for a few weeks.

So if you want to throw some €€ into my virtual hat, that would be greatly appreciated:


of course it might also be that neurodivergent way of perceiving all the detail.

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Here's a communication pet peeve, and I wonder if it's profession-specific: I know a bunch of (school)teachers, and they have the annoying habit of not letting me finish an argument. Like, they have heard 20% of my sentence and think that's enough ... when I have not even scratched the surface. From their behavior, I suppose that they really think that's all the info they need, not really trying to cut me off.

Is that a schoolteacher thing? Or do I just know annoying people?

ADHD, distraction, getting started in the morning 

maybe I need to forgo music and meditation apps in the morning and just do my morning yoga in silence, or use my old-fashioned CD player, so I can not touch my phone between turning off my alarm and starting to make breakfast.

But my CD player's amp has annoying issues, and my brain craves the stimulation via music in the morning.

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