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For #MEAwarenessDay 2021, I'm sharing an article I published a couple of months ago on the lesser known, Slow-Onset ME. gwenfarsgarden.info/2021/03/sl

#MECFS #SlowOnsetME #LongCovid

something I have only experienced in the : seeing a cloud drift up the valley and 2 minutes later you're in it.

I keep on joking that in this place, even rainy and misty weather can look like a crossover between Caspar David Friedrich and Bob Ross.

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neurodivergence (mine), context to last toot 

(The wife went to have lunch with a friend, and then called me to tell me that I am invited, too.)

I guess it also has to do with the quality of the relationship I have with people - I'd probably be way more excited if it was someone of my own close friends, especially fellow queers.

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neurodivergence (mine) 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just an introvert or because I hate short-notice social things so much, and having my plans, no matter how non-explicit they are, disrupted is really stressful for me.

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colonialism, question 

@ljwrites paper genocide is the intentional destruction of Indigenous peoples' cultural knowledge. think of the spanish arriving in tenochtitlan and destroying all evidence of the robust legal system we once had, all our family lineage, everything written that could tell us who we once were before they arrived.

its more than just killing bodies, its an attempt at completely erasing us. its why i will never know what nations and pueblos my family is from. indigenous from mexico were especially hit hard by this, because the spanish catholics arrived with the express purpose of remaking us into a new people that could be "saved", and that meant erasing who were were.

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on that note, what is your favorite epub reader for Android? Preferably something that's available from F-Droid.

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Ahahaha, and which app uninstalled itself and refuses to be installed now? Kindle.

Time to be gay, do crime by learning how to de-DRM the books I bought so I can convert them & read them in the epub reader of my choice.

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(dread) locks, whiteness 

Recently, I talked to a white friend about them wearing (dread) locks (DA), and realized again that for me, the most important argument is that doing so happens amidth an ongoing debate about cultural appropriation (CA) and racism. That means, deciding to wear/keep on wearing DL positions oneself visibly within this discourse. I think this is a much stronger argument than any cherrypicking about what is/or isn't CA, where to draw the lines, or whatever.

Some years ago, the mother-in-law won a Kindle Fire in a tombola. She had no use for it and so she gave it to me.

I liked it for reading, a cooking app, watching videos and tried installing a text editor on it, or a bunch of other software... but I quickly got annoyed with the bloat that made it slow and ate all the disk space.

Today I installed LineageOS on it. Rooting it was a bit adventurous, but the rest of the installation went like a charm and now I have a better tablet :)

migraine, cursing 

Woke up at 6am this morning with a migraine. At noon, I get a storm warning for tomorrow in my disaster alert app.

No wonder I felt like crap for most of the day.

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Livestream topic poll 

What would you like to see me do during next Thursday's #SuperCollider livestream:

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The Yayagram : @mrcatacroquer@twitter.com built "a machine that helps our beloved elders to keep communicating with their grandchildren". It uses Telegram and a Raspberry Pi


linux on 32 bit hardware, recommendations wanted 

I have this EeePC from 2009. It's still fully functional, I boot it once in a blue moon, and I've been running Lubuntu on it for the past few years.

But now Ubuntu has dropped 32-bit support. As have a bunch of other major distros. Does anyone have a recommendation for a distribution that still supports this vintage hardware?

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Food (sweet) 

They physics department, in their search for super heavy elements, might be interested in this brownie from the “Café Universe“ (of course) down our street.

pms symptoms, pandemic mention 

However, the hot flashes might also be a PMS symptom. Never had them before, but the pandemic seems to mess with menstruating people's periods, including PMS. My cycles have definitely become longer and less predictable.

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wim hof method question 

I followed my curiosity about the and I've been trying out the breathing and the cold showers for a few days.

And suddenly I start randomly feeling very hot for a few minutes. I'm feeling much warmer in general (I used to be someone who is always cold). I also sleep in underwear now because I get so warm at night, even with a very light blanket.

Does anyone else experience these effects? Do the hot flashes go away again? Or am I just hitting menopause?

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