long list of fandoms 

@holochromatic Severance is at the top of my list once some work trips wrap up.

long list of fandoms 

@holochromatic This is a very solid list. Have you seen ? It’s the first thing with the depth that pulled me out of post malaise.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Holy shit it’s perfect

Any Jason Isbell fans here? Just got home from a great live show. Every song a truth bomb.

*whew* Today’s Jeopardy! was a great one. Although in my opinion Mattea editorializes too much during play.

@dvewlsh Bet. Mine are 8 & 5. Once the oldest was born, I really invested in organization and honestly just the willpower to turn everything off work wise at night and on weekends. And yes I could definitely use those extra hours to work (own my own branding firm) but it just wouldn’t be worth the time trade off to me.

@dvewlsh Love this. I’ve engineered my whole business around this as a lifestyle and have yet to regret it.

@paxtonmj The Fargo creators are just so good at creates an atmosphere of complacency that surprises you when they drop you into incredible tension. I’d enjoy their take on pretty much anything.

@gannet thank you! I’ve switched to Tootle and all good now

Brushing my teeth before going to the dentist, with what I imagine to be the energy of someone who cleans their house before the house cleaner comes over.

@eden @hanne thank you! I’d just gotten the first one I saw, so I’ll find that one. Anything that makes social more tootful is good to me.

Soooo maybe this is a n00b question, but how do I see the local or federated timeline in the app? (not that I wouldn’t appreciate a social network that’s “Oops! All @hanne

@hanne haha! The Little Caesars Batman Crazy Calzoney is a great example. Veteran of the chicken sandwich wars. If I hear someone has a secret menu I’m all about it. Stuff stacked on other stuff.

Social media for me is an outlet where I don’t have to filter — something to toss out thoughts as they happen. Funny things are everywhere if you’re open to them.

I’ve always loved and stories in general. Something really clicked for me when I discovered . It changed my life and I’ve sworn a blood oath to it.

I also enjoy

and — I’m sure this isn’t a popular hashtag — .

@ElectricDryad lol my literal first post to read in Mastodon is learning they are called toots - that is the kind of weird deranged stuff that is a great welcome to the app. And I’m just seeing now I have to press “Toot!” to post 🤣

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