“Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Holy shit it’s perfect

Any Jason Isbell fans here? Just got home from a great live show. Every song a truth bomb.

*whew* Today’s Jeopardy! was a great one. Although in my opinion Mattea editorializes too much during play.

Brushing my teeth before going to the dentist, with what I imagine to be the energy of someone who cleans their house before the house cleaner comes over.

Soooo maybe this is a n00b question, but how do I see the local or federated timeline in the app? (not that I wouldn’t appreciate a social network that’s “Oops! All @hanne

Social media for me is an outlet where I don’t have to filter — something to toss out thoughts as they happen. Funny things are everywhere if you’re open to them.

I’ve always loved and stories in general. Something really clicked for me when I discovered . It changed my life and I’ve sworn a blood oath to it.

I also enjoy

and — I’m sure this isn’t a popular hashtag — .

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