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I've made a plan how to use my

@distel - main account!

@distel - for everything creative, like , , ,

@muz - everything, but in german language.

@distelfliege - lets try this one for politics. anarchism, cycling politics, coop stuff, queer/emancipation stuff and all that.

everything will likely mix up a bit but thats ok.

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oops I wrote the wrong date on it. today is october 21..

we just went for a walk to "Wriezener Bahnhof" and because it's sunday afternoon I decided to check out the queue at Berghain just around the corner, a famous techno club. and I made a sketch of people waiting at the Berghain door in the october sun, framed by trees in orange and yellow.
I don't visit Berghain so it's not a part of my life, but it's a part of my neighbourhood nonetheless.

I made the hedge too green, but otherwise I'm happy with the sketch.

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today I sketched from a photo again. this is a heap of rubbish with old fridge, sofa, wood and trash bags on a neighbouring street. a guy on a folding bike is passing by on a green bikelane.

we had a lot of rubbish piles here 20 years ago. now they are a rare sight in friedrichshain. nostalgia!

not super happy with the last ones. but I was sketching every day for 7 days now, yay!

again it was too cold and windy to be staying outside to sketch. so today's inktober will be sketching from phone pictures, again...

it's so much more fun sketching outside, directly... but.. I have to get well first.

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yay... i made it to do today! outside it was cold and windy and I am still sick, so drawing outside was not an option. I cheated by taking a phone photo and drawing it from there.

this is a traffic lights post near where I live. in berlin, people put up ads and posters around the posts until they become about double or triple their diameter. after a while the city will cut off the paper collar and this one looks like it's been stripped recently, but there is still paper debris on it.

Dear #writing friends on Mastodon, I don't participate in #NaNoWriMo this year. So if you need someone to look at a text, if you're stuck, need a second opinion on something or just want to vent and get some encouragement, I'm happy to help!

I'm fluent in English and German, have a bit of copyediting experience and a good eye for characters and world building.

#NaNoSupport #NaNoPrep

I used these blocking wires I got at a yarn festival in berlin. they are made by "lazadas" and the person who makes them came all the way from israel. which is funny because in israel, is not that of a big thing because it's warmer than here... but maybe that is changing, after all knitting is a big thing in california too.


i spent one hour blocking this shawl and here it is on the blocking frame with a wingspan of over 2m! and the fine purple yarn is just great. pattern was "spring thaw" by Cheri McEwen.

I'm curious if the opening times of lidls elsewhere are the same as here in berlin. I know in denmark they're open on sundays too.

today I was so motivated to sketch! and then I had to do groceries and when I went outside it became colder, and I am still a bit sick myself with a cold.. so I was standing in the cold wind trying to sketch.

this is our local lidl supermarket with a construction going on on the sidewalk and bikelane, a worker laying some pavement stones, and the faceless lidl building in the background. ok, this lidl is at least in an older building.

Today's Daily Photo: Forest Faerie Altar

I've sketched the construction site at Rigaer Straße where our district administrators allowed the company to block the whole street for years! The gate says "kein Zutritt " (no entry) so there is a dead end with containers and parked cars, some trees and a big house that has been decorated by dripping red paint from its roof

I finished the final row on my lace shawl and now I'm binding off! exciiitinnnng

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