on german twitter it is customary to talk about one's kids as "K+number" like "K1", "K2" etc.

I always think that's so weird, when I stumble across it.

it's been more than 2 weeks without any facebook, so good!

and I've been doing exercise daily, also great!

@distel@weirder.earth - main account!

@distel - changed it to a smaller, more personal account, you can follow me here if we follow and interact at my main account!

@muz - in german language. currently not in use, alas.

hello while weirder earth is down for server maintenance and hopefully a migration to hometown :)

Hello Shop!

lately I haven't been able to keep up with my arts+crafts account, and I have posted everything at weirder earth.

I've been thinking about making this one a more personal account.. removing all followers and follows and starting fresh.

but I can't do it, somehow.

so hi, and until I see you next!
I'm gone again and posting from distel@weirder.earth

Hey #Fedispinners
Lets do a #tourdefleece spinning team, an unofficial one (unless someone wants to register the thing at ravelry.com) which means:

lets spin along with the Tour de France and post about it on the fediverse! the rules (copied from ravelry) are:

Spin every day the Tour rides, if
possible. Saturday July 6 through
Sunday July 28th. Days of rest:
Tuesday, July 16th and Monday, July
22nd. (Just like the actual tour.)

#tdf19 #TeamHairyElephants #TeamFediSpinners

another clothes selfie, plus belly appreciation 

is over but "pay it no mind" for bellies are nice on every day of the year.

after my success with making myself shorts, I made myself simple loose fabric pants, because I was very under-equipped for summer temperatures.

here they are:

sewing, clothes recycling, diy 

clothes improvement: I realized I had no shorts, but I found a pair of pants I had sewn as an experiment 10 years ago. they have stains and were a dirty light blue.

I cut off the pant legs at the knee, seamed them and dyed them dark brown. and I added a "reclaim the streets" patch I had lying around.

looks like I now have shorts, and I really like them!

#diy #sewing #fiberarts

moths, decluttering etc 

I had planned to get rid of the wallhanging anyway, it was a cheesy hippie style batik print.

but I still have to find the nest. probably the nest is in my flatmates' room, who lives above me. I have to ask her if she has any moth problems up there.

I put 2 shawls in the freezer for prevention, but so far I haven't seen any damage. I even found a knitting wool swatch that I had had lying around unattended for months, no damage! what is this mystery?

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moths, decluttering etc 

it seems all I do is talking about my moth mystery.

still no clue where the nest is, but as it gets warmer and warmer, they become more and more.

and they start to come into my pheromone traps. while from may 5 to may 26th, only 4 moths got caught in the traps, now I have 17 in total.

I took down a wallhanging (a cotton cloth with a print) and apparently a lot of them were hiding there. but why? it is cotton!

satanic temple, freedom of and from religion, stuff 

I'm watching this sceptic show on youtube where they talk with the founder of the satanic temple, lucien greaves.

he's good at making his points and I find his views on fighting for the rights of marginalized groups, on religion, a secular society and critical thinking quite interesting.

and I like the cultural guerilla they do.


I hope he's not a super duper asshole, if he is, please tell me about it!

moths, kind of an update 

I've been having those moth problems in my room, where I keep lots of wool stash and . (no damage anywhere though, good!)

there are now two pheromone moth traps installed. and the moths don't go in there. also, there's nothing damaged. I proceeded with -ing my stuff and looking at everything, no results.

those moths are very mysterious, they are def not pantry moths, but probably they aren't clothes moths, either.

they do look like clothes moths.

clothes moths 

oh noooo there are still moths flying around in my room (have been for over a month now)

I have been looking for "the nest" all this time, but no result so far. all my woolens seem to be okay around here.

I start to ask myself if there are moths that look like clothes moths, but aren't. I have no time today, but hopefully tomorrow. I'm going to look through The Stash, again.

spindle thread (9) 

this one is super special to me. It was my first and only Spindle whorl I made of this polymer clay that you bake in the oven. I sanded it to have a really smooth surface and it works really well. I haven't used this top whorl spindle in a while, I really should come back to it!

it has a swirl whorl of terracotta, white and black polymer clay and a hook I bent by hand.

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