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I've made a plan how to use my

@distel - main account!

@distel - for everything creative, like , , ,

@muz - in german language.

I did it! I overdyed yarn I found in my stash which I hate only because of the boring colour, and now it is purple <3

I also tried to get speckles on another yarn but it turned out very different, now I totally get how this effect is done where black haze seems to creep over your yarn. wow. really really likey!

i would love to get my phone google-free. are android alternatives like (?) already usable and stable for a non-tech user?

ok now my stash went down significantly because
a) I counted to lopi yarn out of it
b) I have already made some stuff in 2019
c) I can't find yarn that I'm supposed to have and I think I used it up for a weaving project.

but *every year* it's the same: there is yarn that I have but I haven't entered it into my ravelry database.

I put all the lavender bags on my desk while I looked through my yarns and I sneezed, coughed and felt my nose clogging up, while sitting at the desk. I put the lavender bags somewhere else and I'm fine! Am I allergic to lavender now??

if people crosspost their tweets in which they are mentioning cops to mastodon, it's always a nice reminder that the cops are not on mastodon!

I have this lopi yarn, the stuff you use for icelandic sweaters. beautiful. but I know I'm not ever going to knit with it, because of all the handspun sweater yarn I have, and this is my priority.

Is it the thing that this years airing of the stash is different? I don't know. but I'll try to find a new home for that yarn.

anyone here (preferrably europe) into lopi knitting, in woodland colours?

My socks are finished! I'm happy with them, but because of my recent endeavors, I know that I have many many socks already. So I have to find a person who adopts them. That won't be hard, I think. And I'm in the mood for more socks!

I've posted my couch to Buy Nothing, Queer Buy Nothing, and now Craigslist. No bites yet.

I've successfully gotten rid of way shittier couches than this so I'm not sure what the problem is. I guess I'll try Trash Nothing next? #seattle do you want a couch?

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Hello, campers!

After much discussion, I think the hashtag I'm going to recommend for talking about comics stuff, whether it's WIPs, scripts, story ideas, thumbnails, panel compositions, dialogue balloons, pacing, etc. is going to be:


Use that hashtag whenever you talk about making your #comics to connect with a wider community of comic and narrative art creators in the :fediverse: Fediverse.

Keep being awesome, campers! ⛺


@distel Being able to express your emotional state is cathartic, if only because emotions want to be expressed and it takes energy to fight that, but there are lots of ways to get catharsis and not everyone is going to find the same ones effective.

I just got an interesting reply that tears *are* cathartic sometimes, and It gives me something to think about.

maybe the tears aren't cathartic in themselves, but it's cathartic when you're finally paying attention to your feelz. and I can see how tears can help you to do that.

who would pay attention to sadness or frustration when their body doesn't remind them of it in a powerful way?

nobody ever says "oh I wish my face could become red like a tomato so I could get rid of feeling embarrassed"
because you don't get rid of stuff by having symptoms that outsiders can see. you just have symptoms, and that's it.

but mostly you're embarrassed because of showing signs of emotion and that adds to the emotional stress you already have.

probably it's different for other people but for me, tears don't get rid of anything. nothing.

today someone told me "I'm jealous of your ability to cry, because I can't get rid of my bottled up emotions"

that tears and crying are cathartic and alleviate emotional states is.. a misconception, if you ask me.

tears are just a visible sign of how you feel, they don't change anything about how you feel. I believe they even make things worse because then people start interacting with you about how you feel and you're constantly reminded of it.

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