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I've made a plan how to use my

@distel - main account!

@distel - for everything creative, like , , ,

@muz - in german language.

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tbh I just wanted to test out the new poll feature! :D
It looks nice so far!

I'm indeed going to show you ALL THE spindles, but I won't spam you, I'll do it like this: I will try to post a "daily spindle" and tell the story of one of them per day.

and I'll tag it if you want to mute it.

if anyone wants to join the hashtag: feel very welcome.

would you like a thread where I show you every spindle I have?

lately I d my (with the result that I kind of love them all) and this is my who threw herself in the middle of the spindle-circle and started to roll around.

reminder: :bee2: 🌻

if you want to join in some of us are going to be reading Always Coming Home by Ursula Le Guin for May. you should read with us!

#ACH #AlwaysComingHome

I'm missing my group tonight, because I worked longer than expected and tomorrow I have to work early again, and I have to do some stuff at home, too.

but if all goes well, I will go on my first cycling tour on friday and saturday! I don't know where I'm going yet..

I'm watching this video about dressing a distaff and the guy's italian accent is soooooOOOOoooo nice. ok I'll try to watch it now!

I have a bag of salt, written on it is "Sale Marino" (sea salt in italian) but everytime I see this I read "Sale Merino" 🐏

this is an fountain pen + watercolor sketch of my tea glass. It's a bit stained from black and it has a bicycle-chain heart on it.

hm. lets call that the Ace of Cups

weirder earth is doing weird stuff right now, lets see what happens next!

#AprilArtJourney you know what? this semi-miserable sketch I did yesterday.. it's not lost at all! (It's not that miserable, I actually like it, even though I know I could do better if I practiced more)

I'll just declare it "the Chariot" and count it in for today. so here's my chariot. :)


Today I had an idea to draw "the Empress" which is a portrait of the Youtuber Treacle Tatts, I really like her stuff.

She's sometimes has the most colorful blue and green hair and her makeup is much more colorful than how I could paint it.
She's sitting at her laptop doing a reaction video and I tried to sketch her from the video and not from a video still.

todays card is "2 of swords"

after I could not find the time on tuesday and wednesday, I'll sketch a bit today!

Also People of Color that do fiber arts of any sort, please holler out! also autistics that one of their obsessions are fiber arts :D

Throughout my life I've sewn, quilted, knitted, crocheted, and spun yarn! The latter is my favorite thing ever really but I haven't done it in years. Gonna get into making patches soon with an embroidery machine which is like EXCITE!

#Fiberarts #Sewing #knitting #seamster #crossstitch #needlepoint #sewing #quilting #embroidery #yarn and so on!

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