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I've made a plan how to use my

@distel - main account!

@distel - for everything creative, like , , ,

@muz - in german language.

hello while weirder earth is down for server maintenance and hopefully a migration to hometown :)

Hello Shop!

lately I haven't been able to keep up with my arts+crafts account, and I have posted everything at weirder earth.

I've been thinking about making this one a more personal account.. removing all followers and follows and starting fresh.

but I can't do it, somehow.

so hi, and until I see you next!
I'm gone again and posting from

Hey #Fedispinners
Lets do a #tourdefleece spinning team, an unofficial one (unless someone wants to register the thing at which means:

lets spin along with the Tour de France and post about it on the fediverse! the rules (copied from ravelry) are:

Spin every day the Tour rides, if
possible. Saturday July 6 through
Sunday July 28th. Days of rest:
Tuesday, July 16th and Monday, July
22nd. (Just like the actual tour.)

#tdf19 #TeamHairyElephants #TeamFediSpinners

another clothes selfie, plus belly appreciation 

sewing, clothes recycling, diy 

moths, decluttering etc 

moths, decluttering etc 

satanic temple, freedom of and from religion, stuff 

moths, kind of an update 

clothes moths 

spindle thread (9) 

ooh, I forgot about the spindle thread. I was on a cycling tour on thursday and friday and since I came back I was so caught up in work that I forgot about everything..

today I'll continue with it :)

spindle thread (8) 

spindle thread (8) 

Hello dear Mastodon people! The awesome @krokodilgemuese is back again after a longer break, and in need of some nice ppl to follow and chat! 🎉

"Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.

Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”

-- Muhammad Waseem

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