Just occurred to me that OFMD is a fantasy about a parasocial relationship: Stede is a fan of Blackbeard, then meets his celebrity crush and they fall in love…

(Yow that bio is out of date. Will update when I get to a computer, or a client that enables edits.)

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Am I back here? We will see!

(If I know you, and you like or respond, it increases the likelihood that I am here.)

Bear Language by Martin Cahill, new at Fireside broke me, it's wonderful and awful and beautiful. Please be warned that it may be particularly painful or triggery to read if you, like me, are the child of an alcoholic.


I desperately need a real break, TBH, but also desperately need time to edit my own work. I'm not good at it, and not doing enough to get better fast enough.

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"Date nite" with the wife tonight to shake off ten miserable days of (still) sick kiddo. She won't mind if I bring some work to edit, right? Right?

@disappearinjon so an Internet meme is a fad with no physical component? An information fad?

Before the Internet, if you wanted to participate in a meme, you had to buy something. Pet Rocks were a meme with a hilarious sales pitch. The only way to share the meme with others was to buy the pet rocks.

Just saw someone mention @sqiouyilu's Arsenika in another forum!

(You could submit now, maybe? arsenika.ink/submissions/)

Thirty minutes of free writing for my daily word count, at wife's suggestion. My previously very problematic story has a new lease on life, with only modest rewrites needed. It has a point of view now! It's maybe political! Free writing and sleep deprivation FTW!

Last night I dreamed of enormous people in blurry, ill-fitting masks. A sense of menace.

Hi folks, so I'm in a real tight spot rn, but I have a couple options in front of me still.

Option 1) Do ya'll know anyone looking for a room in Portland? Preferably Queer or at least p chill living with a gay trans woman

Option 2) Is anyone looking for someone to fill a room in the Seattle / Portland area that I could possibly apply for?

please boost

Was going to do an edit pass at lunch but I'd lose all my $DAYJOB state. I'll probably be too tired tonight.

So I realized I was stuck on my current WIP and realized that the protagonist has no backstory. The story's not about him (though of course he thinks it is) so I thought I didn't need more depth. But I do. And I'm worried that the story will feel like it is about him if I put it in. But maybe the learning that it's not all about him will sink in better if it feels like it is? Problematic in several senses!

A student at my university is missing. He was in a small (20 student) year-long class I led two years ago, so I knew him well but haven't talked to him since it ended in 2015.

I know there aren't many people here from Vancouver, BC, but he sometimes went to Seattle too. We're widening the search beyond the local area.

Please see here: straight.com/blogra/898451/sea


if my pals at this shop want to find my account in which I avoid that fifth symbol in latin writing, I just did join that instantiation oulipo.social: @sqiouyilu@oulipo.social

this is fun! I did scrawl a story without that fifth symbol that was in DSF: dailysciencefiction.com/hither so this is up my path! 😀

(I worked on it today, thus reducing the punchlist. Stole an hour from work...)

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