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is the idea that, in this screwed-up world, showing kindness and empathy is a radical act of rebellion.

You don't just give to charity and respect people's pronouns because it's the right thing to do; you do it because fuck the patriarchy.

Hey, I have a blind friend who might want to join us on the Fediverse. Does anyone have a guide to accessibility etc that might be more useful than me just sending her a link to an instance?

all masculinity is not bad! masculinity is not inherently bad! masculinity is valid!!

there are people -- cis, trans, and otherwise -- who are doing masculinity SO RIGHT. and i love them.

they will be the ones that heal it. encourage them. you don't have to be masculine to help. and never discourage someone from being who they are.

if masculinity is not for you, don't shit on it. there are masculine people trying to live their lives.

James Nicoll is looking for young folks (born after 1990) to participate in the next round of Young People Review Old Science Fiction james-davis-nicoll.dreamwidth.

Hi hello good evening the rainforest is burning. If you're in the US, you might not know what you can do to help. Here's some ideas:

It's mostly "donate" and "sign petitions", but every bit helps until we find better collective actions.

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@vantablack @TheFourEyed In case anyone doesn't wanna read it all (it's 20 tweets long), the summary is this:

Yes, it's even worse than you think it is. It's basically philanthropy capitalism (billionaires donating to charity instead of taxes) combined with every strawman and misconception espoused by the rich capitalist conservatives all rolled up into the worst board game ever made.

If you saw "Monopoly for Millennials", this is a hundred times worse.

Can we appreciate that the original game of Monopoly was supposed to mock Capitalist exploration and landlords but some rich dude stole the idea, changed it a bit to be pro Capitalist, then sold it as his own.

Capitalism consumes all it's critiques and sells it back to you.


I bought a copy of Hasbro's mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed "MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM" board game so you don't have to - a thread 1/

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hey mastos!! wondering if you can help me out…

what are some MASTODON INSTANCES 🐘 which:

1. were created in the PAST YEAR
2. have either OPEN or APPROVAL-BASED registrations
3. are run by DECENT FOLKS
4. are NOT TECH-THEMED (in word OR action)
5. have at least SOME ENGLISH-language moderators and documentation (multilingualism 🆗!)

reply with any and all that you know!! boosts 🆗!!

🌶️ : Im going to stop buying into the industry narrative about ad blockers. They are not ad blockers, they are content blockers. The content I am choosing to control happens to come from advertising networks that have proven to be vectors for malware infections and misbehaviour for years. I'm not blocking ads, I'm not stealing from you, I'm protecting my systems just like I would with an anti-virus program.

Not writing when I don't feel great is okay.
"Only" meeting my wordcount when I don't feel great is okay.
Having days where I can't focus on writing is okay.

¿Qué es el “New York Times” o “The Guardian” para el mundo de habla hispana?

"Have you seen the news? We are in the worst timeline!"
"No, we are not. We are in one of the better ones."
"How can you say that?"
"Because we will bring the world back from the brink."
"How? How can you still have hope?"
"Otherwise this would be the worst timeline."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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edgy leftists forget that if the only thing the revolution brings is an edge, then it's going to cut a lot of marginalized people when it gets here. and probably not the ones they think it will.

Hi fediverse

I know I sometimes talk about quite personal things which might resonate with your life too.

Nonetheless, please don't attack my friends when they message me in support, even if you dislike their comment. You are free to block whoever you want and so am I. Rest assured that the people I engage with on here are not hurting me. I would stop engaging with them if they did. There are good tools for that here.

Definitely don't try anything like this in my name.

More insta prompts, part three!
1. Crowley in a cheongsam dress
2. Crowley in a boobies crop top and cat ears
3. Aziraphale getting spooked by snek

#goodomens #art #mastoart #crowley #aziraphale #doodles #requests

"You know what makes the world go 'round?"

"Coin! Unless you mean, literally."

"I think... the moon?"

"But why?"

"My clan believes when the first Dancer, Giantess Zhurma, decided to never stop spinning, her exerted sweat & breath created the stars, moons & planets, which continue to spin with her."

The young elves, dwarves and gnome considered their orc friend's words.

"Sounds legit."

"I WAS gunna talk about love," muttered the gnome.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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