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content warning etiquette 

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Once more for the people in the back:

Put content warnings on your politics posts. I come to Mastodon specifically to avoid the horrible things in the news.

I don't care how urgently you want me to see it. In fact, adding a content warning will make me *more* likely to care, because it will give me time to brace myself.

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a philosophy of life 

Wondering if anyone would want a copy of the 3D printer file for estrogen or testosterone based on the actual x-ray data?

Landlords, doxxing, entitled bullshit 

Eternally uncomfortable with goblins that have The Nose

really wish wotc would stop doing that

This is what "working from home" looks like (and why I don't do it often).

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#Cat #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Work #WorkingFromHome

If I had a dollar for every fictional character I've had a crush on, I could afford a mansion where we could all live together.

the phrase "Several people are typing." is an emotion invented during this century

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a cheering thought ✨

The Matrix, video link, Lilly Wachowski, transness 


"I skip lung day a lot, is the problem." —Graham


"Oh, she's not in the village," the smitten vampire defended, "She's no common villager, not in the least! Nor does she dress, at all! Ah, the night finally descends! I go to her!"

These words sparked everyone's curiosity.

Secretly, they pursued, the first time many had left the grounds in centuries, all the way into the woods, where they saw her embracing a skyclad woman of wood and leaves emerging from a maple tree.

They all agreed to support their sister's conversion to vegetarianism.


"Oh, but she's just the sweetest thing," the vampire sighed dramatically, wilting with longing against her coffin, "Like maple syrup."

Her sisters shook their heads, astounded; they had speculated the nature of her nightly wanderings over the last few months.

"Personally, I prefer being a bride and feasting on guests who visit the castle," scoffed one, "The villagers taste awful and dress terribly. Abysmal fashion sense, all of them."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

I've got a tie for first on my #Patreon Theme poll!

If you've not voted, please go vote and... probably make it a three-way tie instead of a 2? :-D

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