"y'all" is a power word. Deliberately gender inclusive to those who know better. Slightly folksy and charming to those who don't.

I fucking love Lizzo, it鈥檚 just sad that you have to be naturally gorgeous, an A1 vocalist, have flawless fashion sense, and produce a beloved consumable good to be fat and still valued by society. Like, the fucking levels of HOOPS, man

I'm torn between giving this a very cool or absolutely ridiculous name

cis ppl be like lmao u cant define what a sandwich is and then ask you to define exactly what a woman is

When I was in elementary school our teacher told us to pick our favorite ocean mammal

I picked the blue whale, because I had recently learned it was the largest thing that ever lived, and that seemed cool

Then she told us we would be drawing our chosen animals

on the bus loop


Try to guess which animal I'll draw next

(I know, I should be sleeping. So I'll just drop this here and come back tomorrow to see if you guessed right)

Did I mention that I love corvidae?

Image description: a black-purple raven on a tree branch, with a pale blue background.
Drawn with colored pencils on rough watercolour paper.

(Still trying to figure our the best way to add image descriptions)


I need money to cover medical expenses, so if you can help or just boost it'd be awesome!
- here's my shop: anaisfae.art/shop
- or my tip jar: ko-fi.com/anaisfae
Thanks a lot 馃挋

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I don't think a lot of people comprehend how much a billion of something is:

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