take me down to parallel city where the lines are straight and stretch to infinity

so my half-asleep brain saw "AGAB" and read it as "assigned genders are bastards"

Which is probably the best mix up my brain has ever provided me

So I decided to make another run of those tees 🐺
They're up for preorder here: mercht.com/c/divinewolf

They're sold directly by the printer, and the good thing is you can choose either long or short sleeves!
The design will be screenprinted in white on black tees (couldn't make the moon silver this time)

Relentlessly looping "Train to Miami" until Spotify is forced to include it in every generated playlist.

Hey, anyone have any queer/trans/NB event ideas? Some event organisers in London want some suggestions, anything is an option so dont be shy!

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

If you made a turn-based, 2D game set in the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with procedurally generated levels, would you call that Rogueside Picnic?

Are interested in this doggo, he's available for adoption.

This cutie, named Red, is visiting on a field trip from the East Bay SPCA for the afternoon. He's super mellow and curious. Great on leash. If you

nature, wtf my friend, how you been hiding fuckin bunny sheep from me all this time

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