trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

The Community Ready Corps has been patrolling Lake Merritt in Oakland since white supremacists recently hung nooses around the area. They are a really important local organization.

this point on their list of actions for white allies and accomplices got me good:

“The job of white anti-racists is not to withdraw from the white community, but to organize it to dismantle white supremacy from the ground up.”

:boost_ok: The Portland Black Resilience Fund provides "immediate support for Black Portlanders, including a warm meal, groceries, and unpaid bills."

If you are a Black Portlander in need of assistance, there's a linked form to make a request.

They're asking for donations of $19 today from non-Black allies.

latest issue of Data Is Plural has data sets on Black Lives Matter protests/actions/vigils (more than 2600), records of police violence at these protests (three different data sets with hundreds of reports), use of force policies and union contracts for police departments across the US, reports on the 1033 program (DoD military surplus transfers to local police departments), and a corpus of tech company statements on racial justice

FYI: TeePublic may have sent out a message stating that they will be highlighting and supporting BIPOC creators during this time, but don't be fooled! They still benefit from creators making "All Lives Matter" and other bullshit t-shirts.

Until they ban that shit from their platform, spend your money elsewhere. Thanks.

Multiple messages in my neighborhood defense signal groups, which formed today, that black leaders are asking white men, especially, to stay home so white supremacists are easier to identify.

I’ve just learned about Diphylleia grayi, otherwise known as Skeleton Flower as its flowers turn translucent when they’re rained on

for folks just starting to learn about abolition and wondering what a world w/o cops might look like, plz check out this guide:

So, last year I graduated from uni with a degree in philosophy. To celebrate, I put together this meme to sum up what I've learned.


CA: All Californians should have access to high-speed broadband. Do you agree? Then write your lawmakers and urge them to support S.B. 1130.

I guess here you def can tell that he doesn't like getting photographed when hes not in a good mood 😅 I'm sorry bby but you're too cute not to 💕

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