The final result is:

* R = 25%
* G = 40%
* B = 36%

As expected (and described in the thread), the gamut is pretty low (ie. not an immense possibility of colours, due to fact that masto polls options sum is 100)

0..100 to 0..255 (in gimp) give:

* R = 63.8 (64)
* G = 102
* B = 91.8 (92)

HTML: #40665C

It's a soft, dark, bluish green!

It's complimentary color is #66404A (102,64,74)

Its triadic scheme:
#5C4066 (92,64,102) and #665C40 (102,92,64)

We could call it "Fédi-vert"?

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Let's make a colour together! <3


The devil has announced that his fiddle contest will no longer be held in Georgia.

One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

I found a Welsh artist duo making revolutionary art yn yr iaith Gymraeg (in the Welsh language), inspired by what they saw during travels in Vietnam, China and Laos.
Thought y'all might appreciate :)

next year can we have a Trans Day of Audibility where everyone *listens* to trans people

Throwback Thursday to these sigils I made for KiwiCon about four years ago. I still think they're some of my best from when I was running Everyday Sigils!

For the curious — the rest of my old sigils can be found here:

Food, sweets 

Accidentally made queen's Jam hand pies for pi day.

"So how much ram are we talking, on a scale from going to the moon to displaying a web page"

I never laughed so hard while plotting something. Whole image takes about one hour. #plottertwitter

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Need a 🐝 , take a 🐝 ;
Have a 🐝 , leave a 🐝 !

In solidarity with unionizing Amazon employees:

* Make no purchases
* Don't watch Prime TV
* Show your support

Virtual boycott from 3/7 to 3/13

Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:

Please circulate.

Cool, turns out it's not too difficult at all to take apart an xbx360 controller and put it back together again, as long as you have correct security torqs driver.
Now my xbx button doesn't stick and whatever bit of crap was rattling around in there is gone.

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