Even the garbage is regulated. Probably with Reasons.

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How I make stars (and spells): I use masking fluid before painting
And it's always magical when I remove it 🌟
#art #mastoart #watercolor

s01e05 #seinfeld #despair #sick

JERRY: Did You Speak With The M̵͔̣͎̯͇̻͒͋A̵̡̹̟͚̥̚N̸̩͔͈̱̫͋̂͋͐
̸͓͒̓͛̐̔? (George nods)

Did he Speak The Fates?? (George shakes his head "no".)

How long did you Ḷ̷̳̥̗̞̃̎̾̚Ä̸̺̙̗́S̶͙̾͗̿̅̒̄T̷̖͓̹̞̜͐̓͝?

GEORGE: Fifteen seconds.

JERRY: *mouth moves as though speaking rapidly and the sound of bees emerges*

GEORGE: But for a sick guy, he's very strong. *begins weeping as bees land on his face*

*audience laughs as slap bass plays in the deep*

JERRY: *Spiders begin to pour out of mouth as screen fades to black*

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THE PARTNER: Okay, my parents aren't coming out this weekend, so we don't have plans.
ME: Okay. Hang out at home and do nothin'?
THE PARTNER: Well...the state fair is going this weekend, and I know how you feel about seeing g --
THE PARTNER: ...yeah, that. :)

This photo of a 1910 racing schooner makes me ache.

(Photo by Frank William Beken)

Talkhead1: Modern Day Feminism is an attack on men.

Response: Not all men


40 boosts and i’ll send this horrible thing to my girlfriend, potentially jeopardizing our relationship in the process

Vampire bat head!
Tattoo design commission

My next two commission spots are taken, thank you!

#mastoart #fediart #monarobot

And this is the result. To be honest i prefer the messier one, without the layer mask. I used Photoshop and a mouse since i have no pad.. Lot of excitement here. Love you guys <3

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