Do people like threads here? I guess we'll find out!

Between meetings today I thought I'd talk about #NASA #JWST and all the exciting #science we can expect from it starting in a few months!

(Yes, I made this travel mug ❤️)

#SciComm #Exoplanets #Astronomy #Astrophysics #Telescope #MastodonNewbie

I always thought that the public not seeing through Lex Luthor's public facade to the villainy below was one of the more unbelievable parts of the Superman franchise, but I see now that I could not have been more wrong

(Image warning: billionaire birdsite drama.)

etsy seller strike/customer boycott runs this whole week (11-18 april)!

transaction fees are going up for sellers by 30 percent (from 5% to 6.5%) beginning today.

more details on here:

and here:

seeking fedi-advice 

1) Elon Musk is not on it
2) No advertising ever
3) See #1
4) Nobody can buy it out
5) You get to choose a community with rules you like and agree with, and if that changes, you can move to another community
6) Bad behaviour actually gets actioned here
7) See #3
8) No algorithms deciding what you see and when - just pure content
9) A FAR more wholesome community with genuine support, including financial, for artists (people here like buying art!)
10) See #7

Roses are red,
Most skulls are scary
Including St. V's
In this reliquary

Called out by this owl documentary on Curiosity Stream
(the narrator actually said : "Owls don't have ball-shaped eyeballs like us" )

When buying Meg Boggs's book on, it gave me two options. It turns out that BOTH are body goals -- become "bitch who fight bears in the forest" (her viral TikTok) OR become a fucking Megalodon.

Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊

The NYPD has a formerly secret surveillance slush fund which was uncovered by community groups, including @STOPspying, a member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance.

So if I want to read some reporting on the 4 month + long strike at the Warrior Met coal mine in Alabama, apparently Elle magazine is the place to go. The NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, not so much.

how to make stuff sound like a phone call:

add white noise.
add some clipping.
high pass: 300 Hz
low pass: 3500 Hz
add some compression/limiting

if you’re emulating a radio conversation, dial up the white noise, maybe dial down the low pass extra, and add some sine waves that drift randomly.

like this:

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