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be the multi-faceted non-linear poetic narrative of your dreams

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a re-introduction of sorts, about autistic and plural rhetoric 

Random thought:

Reading bad writing is a good idea, for the same reason that watching bad shows and playing bad games are. Especially if you're a writer, but for readers as well. It teaches you what can work, by showing you what doesn't work.

By "bad", we mean not having workable plots, character development, story lines, themes, etc. For all forms of media that follow that approach.

be the multi-faceted non-linear poetic narrative of your dreams

Does anyone have any recommendations for literature that’s not from Europe or America, with available English translations or originally written in English?

I’m interested in reading worldwide fiction, but I don’t know much about books as most of my friends aren’t big readers. I’m not very picky, but I don’t like graphically sexually explicit work. (Think: R-rated is fine, X-rated is not.)

"Art is never an end in itself; it is only a tool for blazing life lines, in other words, all of those real becomings that are not produced only in art, and all of those active escapes that do not consist in fleeing into art, taking refuge in art... instead sweep it away with them towards the realms of the asignifying, asubjective, and faceless"


Most of Kafka's work is a poignant dissection of modern society and its bourgeois order.

Discussion - Cultural Socialization and Osmosis 

Discussion - Cultural Socialization and Osmosis 


Reminders for the

You’re more than what you make.

Your productivity does not determine your value.

It’s okay to do nothing sometimes.

Not everything you do has to result in a product.

Not everything you make has to be important, significant, or even good.

You can make things just for yourself.

You can keep secrets for yourself, whether it’s not posting some of your projects or not sharing your

You’re allowed to say no.

You’re allowed to rest.

reminder that the performance/reading event for the class I teach on computational creative writing at NYU is tonight (7pm in Manhattan) specifically designed to appeal to the perhaps narrow but always amazing intersection of "people interested in computation" and "people interested in the literary arts." and, uh, in this case, "people who are in NYC and able to attend tonight." but if you're in that intersection, I tell you what, this event is FOR YOU

poetry hot take 

there'll be a reading/performance event for my computer-generated poetry class at NYU this thursday: it's at 721 Broadway in Manhattan, 7pm, free admission. I'm really excited about the work and the students this semester—if you're in NYC I hope you can be there!

Poetry Is Not Revolution by Xarí Rivera Maya 

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