What's the best way to find and interact with other #librarians on Mastodon? The hashtags I've used and loved on Twitter don't seem to have users here...lovin' Mastodon, but still learn' the culture and best practices 🙂

Oh, I know and love the Trunk (though I should revisit it again, it's been awhile...)

Thanks in advance!!!


I don't have an MLS (yet--I'm an FCL science ed guy by training), but I work in a very small public library in the U.S (one of only two full-time staff).

@deadbounce My library as a few part-time staff, in addition to our 2 full-time staff, but some of the other libraries in our area are staffed like yours! Well, many around here don't have any full-time staff. :(

Crazy & busy times! I bet you're learning more about all areas of librarianship than most MLS students!

Yeah, we have three part-timers as well. Been here a few years and every day is a learning experience. :-)

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