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My wife is watching the new "Beverly Hills 90210," and I asked what the premise for the reboot is. She said the cast are playing themselves as characters in a fictional storyline.

So it's basically "The Cave of the Yellow Dog," but about awful rich people instead of a likable family.

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"Phishing" is a common scam in which someone offers to take you to a concert, then subjects you to five and a half hours of tedious guitar noodling instead

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We have been hit by Rich Shapero's latest literary bombardment.

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Half the mystery section is fuckin'
"Death Dies Deadly: A Cozy Tea Bookstore Cat Mystery"

I was recently reminded of Namco's "Golly! Ghost!" light gun game. I remember one from when I was a kid. It wasn't a terribly fun game, but that mechanical dollhouse gimmick is still just damn cool.

Puritan names were wacky. These people were like "These are my sons, Isaac and William-Stop-Touching-That-God-Can-See-You, and my daughters, Fail, Morose, Violence and Mary."

The only "juice" in Juicy Fruit gum is your own saliva.

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Remember--when you are sad--that in Jamaica, fireflies are called "peenie-wallies."

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