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I set up a 40+ hour live stream of public domain (in the US) movies while we're closed at work. It took four hours for YouTube's long robot arm of international copyright law to shut it down. It was Yongary that did it, I think.

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This is much more general good advice than its sender intended (context was a corporate email about how to not fall for phishing scams).

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My favorite part about 2020 is that it's cool to like things again. The era of irony that reigned in the '00s and '10s is finally coming to a close.

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@Robert_R_Freitag_II well to explain his theory in the most simple terms, Siddon my dick and balls you lil fucker

I just realized I can use the remote session tools on our public computers to play Joust with patrons from my office when I'm on lunch.

My son started walking and learned to be gentle with the cat in the same week, for which we are all grateful.

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Honey must have come as a neat surprise to the first person who decided to just eat a handful of fuckin' bees.

Question for library staff 

Guy comes in for help with a computer so slow (too old to handle the current Windows) and riddled with bloatware he can't even use it. I help him change OSes. Everything works. He's happy. Problem solved.

He comes back a few months later for help with his printer, and the story has become the old "I NEVER had these problems with Windows." Man, do you even remember how we know each other?

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Liberals don't like anti-capitalism but they love anti-consumerism which is the victim blamers version of anti-capitalism

George R.R. Martin Spoilers 

If a non-native English speaker asked me to describe the differences between an Irish accent and an American accent, I might lose the ability to distinguish them myself.

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Before forming White Zombie, Sean Yseult and Rob Zombie met at art school, where Rob had a mutual friend ask Sean if she wanted to go on a date with him. That friend's name? Albert Einstein.

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