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Got appointments for both kids!

(The current one is a Native American with headdress, so *literally anything* would be better, but I did not expect a “graphic design is my passion” one)

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Just saw the design for my scout troop’s new neckerchiefs

There are three different fonts used in a radius of like four inches

@diabola I used to think trailblazing meant, like, to burn or make a trail. I learned in recent years that "blazing" a trail means marking trees so others can find the way.

No one is a trailblazer unless they made the way easier for others.

Well it finally happened, somebody’s doing a quick sketch of my fursona, I guess I’m a furry now

Thanks to @tootapp for pushing me to write an image description there! I’ve been off the fediverse for too long.

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Wife got me fancy rocks glasses for my birthday, and I finally made some clear ice. This old fashioned is fancy as fuuuck!


I'm a boring dad and tired of pretending I'm some hip queer weirdo. I mean, I am queer and a weirdo, but I'm not hip.

I'm a software engineer by trade and quite like it and tech in general.

My non-work time is mostly spent keeping my family alive and fed, and also doing things with scouting. The BSA isn't perfect but we allow in all genders and sexualities now! I've recently discovered the joy of hammock camping.

And also, out of nowhere, sudoku.

I'm intentionally not importing my toots or follow list. I want to kinda burn it down and start again.

That said! If I didn't follow you here and you're like "hey, what the h*ck dan", please know it isn't a slight.

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After a few tries of "no really I'm going to get back into masto" I finally decided to basically make a fresh start. cybre is great, but I don't really have many mutuals and it kinda felt like I was trying to hold onto the w.t. glory of old rather than actually meet new people.

And then I ran into @phildini on Discord and got an invite here, and it seemed like kismet!

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