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PSA: if your elderly parents are holding US Savings Bonds, it's considerably easier to cash them while the holder is alive rather than afterwards.

WIP just passed 40,000 words. Congrats, it's a novel.

One of my desktop Gmail logins has changed its UI font from Arial to Product Sans (you can tell because the capital O in Product Sans is a circle rather than an oval). This is only affecting one of my Gmail accounts, and only on desktop, not mobile. Is anyone else seeing this?

This is sad to me. It's basically monetized fanfic with the creativity taken out and gig-economy wages for the creators. "Werewolf erotica is the latest global gig work trend"

The fundamental problem here is NOT that the cops are overfunded, overarmed, and nonetheless incapable of defending public safety (which they are). It's that no one person should be able to threaten public safety the way the shooter did in the first place.

"…being the biggest crime of the last fifty years and everybody wanted to get in the newspaper story about it."

To whom it may concern: putting the Twitter or Instagram logo on your business card or poster, without your handle, is pretty freaking worthless.

Wow! "Parallel Reality" technology from @MisAppSci displays a different image to each viewer!

I'm honored, but it's neither Victorian nor 17th century, never mind both at once.

Darth Vader's ship has dual USB-C ports. Not to be outdone, Master Chief's has 8.

I'm considering declaring this Levine's First Law: "Any solution becomes a problem when implemented at scale."

Actors have agents, who find them work, and managers, who provide career advice. Why don't writers have managers? I really feel like I could use one.

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