Ban trans athletes? I think that sports (and everything else) shouldn't be sex-segregated at all. In some sports height/weight classes can be used to create fair arenas for competition, as is already done in boxing and wrestling.

@daviddlevine there are hormones at play too

That is why sex segregation is necessary

@Aman9das Everyone has hormones, and when you actually look at the data it's not simple or binary. If you try to segregate athletes by hormones or chromosomes you'll find some surprises.

@daviddlevine We're discussing the merit of segregating male and female sports, of course authorities have made wrong calls over the years, but it would be still better than mixing the male and female groups, at least in physical sports ( not archery or diving etc )

@Aman9das @daviddlevine

Even though there exist some exceptions where genders overlap or aren't separable into two distinct groups, these cases are atypical and shouldn't decide how sports works for the majority of athletes. In fact, if men and women had to compete together, men would hold most olympic records.

@genmaicha @Aman9das If black and white people had to compete together, black people would hold most Olympic records. (Oh wait, they do.) That's no longer considered a justification for race-segregated sports.

@daviddlevine @Aman9das Sports aren't segregated at the olympic level, because it really doesn't make sense: the olympics are a competition between countries of the world; but they are effectively segregated in most national or regional sports. If there were a small group of Africans who got all the medals at national competitions in a place like China or Belarus, I think people probably would take issue.

@genmaicha @Aman9das Are you arguing in favor of racial segregation? Because that's what it looks like from here.

@daviddlevine @Aman9das No, I'm in favor of sexual segregation in sports. The ethics and nature of race are quite a bit different than for sex, so drawing an analogy between the two is a category error.

@genmaicha @Aman9das Many other cases of people being excluded from things because of supposed innate advantages/disadvantages of sex, race, color, and creed have fallen by the wayside. I believe that gender and race are both arbitrary, and discrimination on the basis of either will eventually be seen as a historical mistake.

@daviddlevine @Aman9das sex chromosome abnormalities that cause intersex condition or anything resembling transgender are very rare.

@meowski @Aman9das Not as rare as most people think. Intersex people are as common as redheads.

@daviddlevine @Aman9das complete nonsense. those libtard studies have been discredited. iintersex is a tiny fraction of 1%
@daviddlevine @Aman9das yes, i know the studies you're referring to and they're politicized garbage
@Elfie @daviddlevine :02_laugh: all your posts and *this* is the one that gets reported as antisemitic?
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