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By way of , as it says on the tin: I , I , and I .

I tend to post about events in , how to be a , in local , contemporary and culture, plus the odd of whatever interesting shape catches my eye.

Prepare for very long sentences, Oxford commas, and .

Congrats to the ! Way to shut down the haters! Your fight gives hope and inspiration to the rest of the big family. One more anti country down, 60-something more to go. 🇧🇼🏳️‍🌈

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artists and writers: The book anthology “Bi Visibility” is now accepting submissions for Volume 2.

Their submission form is on Google Docs, so take appropriate precautions:

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@Lystrialle in 2 years, with 5 EPs on streaming services i have made $4.52

Literally a single purchase on bandcamp makes more than streaming services. Royalty collection hasnt even been monetarily worth the time or spoons for me to set up.

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I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

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"Haters Gonna Hate", South , earlier today.

Just for that, I'm gonna go look up that special she put out last year.

Personally, I usually hold off until at least December 1 before subjecting friends, enemies, and total strangers to her holiday music; but hey, it's been a rough two years; you do you.

The kids where I work are great. They put this together for our observance.

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This week is #TransAwarenessWeek. A good time to inform yourself about the many issues people that are trans face every day. And it would be even better if you stand up for trans rights all year. :trans_flag:

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Since the adverts are on the telly now...

Reminder to give the Salvation Army nothing more than the evil eye and a middle finger. There are better charities out there that don't squander funds on their anti-LGBTQ+ crusade.

Like Shelter, if you're in the UK.

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Pencils come with an eraser on the end because we all make mistakes sometimes ✏️

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La señal que salvó su vida 🚗✋

Una joven de 16 años, que llevaba días desaparecida, fue rescatada gracias a una campaña difundida en TikTok


Well, since you asked: In the 80’s I was in high school and college in the US Midwest, and the air was full of —

The US & USSR will annihilate the world in a nuclear war.

D&D and Heavy Metal teaches kids to summon demons, so spy on everything they do.

Gay sex will kill you as the straights cheer.



—but we had some damn fine music to get us through it all.

Hope this helps. Hang in there.

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Enjoy some really nice photos from the 2021 Close Up of the Year awards:

There’s (lung?)fish in the “Animals” section by finalist Daniel Trim that’s both amazing and begging to be used for a meme.

Some church groups are expected to arrive in the (and at a synagog?) to harass people and crash our parties —again. We’re used to this; We know the drill: Form a defensive perimeter ‘round the nearest then let the girls go to eviscerating them.

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ended up involving much less drama than I’ve experienced in past years.

No one was hanging around outside, the nice old ladies working the polls found me in the rolls with no trouble, everyone in sight wore a mask, and I was in and out of there in four minutes flat.

As I left to catch my train, I thought, “Yes, that’s how supposed to be!”

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So tied up dealing with …name it… I forgot Early is on in County! Between “can’t find my record” nonsense of the last 2 cycles & “illegal immigrant arrest posses” that occasionally threaten to show up on Day, I should really early & avoid the drama.

Early Voting Locations:

Sample :

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