@Nezchan maybe make brownies because the edge of the brownie is best?

@trappleton I mean, an obvious answer is Jesus Christ, but I can't think you couldn't think of him.

@Momerath I'd bet dollars to donuts that a human child constructed this.

unfiltered but probably okay 

@dani He would definitely use his drones to cut your feed.

Food and Parenting 

@irina I like that feature, because we have three people in the house using google products, so it's really easy to otherwise start writing in someone else's drive and then not be able to find your stuff.

I teach in a very economically diverse school, and have eLearning concerns on both ends.

One student's mom lost her job, so he is working 50 hourse a week landscaping to support his family, and can't do online school work.

Another student has spotty wifi, because she's living on a boat.

Ever try to slow down your reading because the book you have is so good and you don't want to tear through it because then it will be over? That's how I am right now with Network Effects.

@offtheball Don't romanticize that last cigarette. That was what always drew me back. Just one more. You don't need any more ever again!




Food, birthdays 

No amount of my lefty angst will make me love Michelle Obama any less.


US Pol, shitpost 

What's great about Mastadon right now is that if people post about plants or fish or furniture or whatever and the include a CW'd picture, you don't know until you open in if they are referring to Animal Crossing or real life.

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