Today was my seniors' last day of school. Always a hard day. Glad that they are going on to bright futures, sad that they are leaving.

::dries his eyes::

And now I teach one class every other day for the last three weeks of school! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽΆ

Did anyone else pick up the Bella Luna Blue tea from Adagio last week during the blue moon ? It's honestly not my favorite, but I'll definitely be ordering it the next time it's available, because I'm a sucker for a marketing gimmick!

My wife is in New York and my daughter is taking dance pictures and I PUT ON EYESHADOW LIKE A BOSS!

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Detroit boy in New York realized something today: Zingerman's > Katz's. Fight me.

Watching cartoons with my daughter. I didn't really know, but cartoons are kind of awesome right now!

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I like the Marvel movies and I'm excited about Endgame.

Can we go back to an April 1 New Year's Day? It's a better time now for resolutions. The weather is getting nice and I want to get out and move and cook with vegetables. January is about surviving and extras should not be added.

Bonus: Does April Fools Day get moved to Jan 1? I'm not sure, but neither will companies be sure, so maybe stupid-internet-lies day would go away.

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Little early for North America, but:

Happy First Contact, everybody!

The Hugo list just led me to re-read STET. Holy God.

Gatekeeping isn't cool when comic book nerds do it. Or when gender exclusionists do it. Or when cultural groups do it. Or when religious groups do it.

Wife: What's for dinner?
Me: Noodles and California Medley.
Wife: What makes it "California"?
Me: ...
Me: It knows how to party?

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