I just one more machine to finish my workout... And it is occupied. Enough time for me to complain about it here. I call that an efficient use of my time.

I'm coming back up for air, after the start of the school year blitz. Good to know the shop still wanders.
::sits, takes off shoes::

How young is too young to put my daughter in charge of all the holiday shopping?

I've read Kingsley Amis's music recommendations for a hangover a few times over the years, and I finally made a playlist. Worthwhile, even when not recovering.

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I am in a major American city dammit! Why is there no patisserie near me?

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Joyous Solstice everyone! There is perfect weather here, and I am feeling energized!

The last day of school is always beautiful, but today had gorgeous weather as well. I am ready for my summer!

I was today years old when I learned that Americans say "persnickety", but but outside North America they say "pernickety".

I wish you all a happy Spring Day of the Gay!

One of the graduating seniors at my school was writing an essay about Obergefell v. Hodges. Her first language was Chinese, and like a lot of English language learners she composed sentences in her head in her native language and used translation tools to draft in English. It works, but sometimes idioms don't come all the way across as intended. Her essay concluded, "It is now the spring day of the Gay!" The English Department agreed that it sounded like the best holiday ever!

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