I mever had a Dreamcast, so I'm taking a look at Shenmue. I'm sure these graphics would have knocked me out in 1999.

You know who's great, but fell out of my brain for a few years? Annie Lennox.

I haven't eaten a vegetable, worked out, or showered this decade. Such poor self care.

My wife put my daughter to bed last night. This six-year-old grabbed my wife's face, and told her, "You are a strong, brave, independant woman!"

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My Georgia relatives make something they call Recipe, and I know it involves taking a bunch of booze and fruit and letting it sit in a crock in the corner for a month or two. It tastes amazing and they will not share how to make it. Anybody have a clue as to what they are actually making? I obviously haven't gotten far by Googling "recipe".

That's TWO works of fiction I've experienced in the last few months with an AI named after Ada Lovelace running a spaceship. One more and it's a trend.

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Do you know what I really need? A nice pen.

A savings bond? It has value, and it's encouraging me to save!

Socks? Awesome. Especially if they're wool. Especially if they're homemade!

Gift giving guide for Dante: If it would horrify a ten-year-old, I'd probably love it.

I ran for a full 5k for the first time ever today.

My kid is lying in the tub, quietly reciting the pledge of allegiance to herself.

It's not a huge number, because the social and logistics skills are not fully developed for all the really smart kids, but for about 3%, we should just get out of their way.

There is a certain number of high school students that would best served by teachers if we dropped them off at the library and said, "We'll be back in three months. Be ready to tell us what you learned."

Ikea saves my life when I need a guest room in a pinch.

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