Father/Daughter Dance. Five minutes in and my date leaves me to hang out with her friends. It's like prom all over again! 😭

Tomorrow is a snow day, and I am 9 years old again. So happy!

Two out of every three times I think, "Hey, I should replay Skyrim!", I stop because I remember that crappy intro sequence.

Reading lots of fantasy novels as a kid means that, as an adult, you get nostalgic about things that never happened in this universe:

My cooking isn't nearly as good as the feasts they used to have at Redwall Abbey!

Violence against women in movies, spoliers Show more

Disease, education Show more

Strong feelings about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battlr Show more

A Hard Day's Night is on cable. Can I get confirmation of something I suspect? The Beatles in the 60s were actually hideous, right?

Into the Spider-Verse is better than the Raimi Spidermans. Fight me.

Sugar is addictive for me as a second order phenomenon. When I make a healthy, macrobiotic meal, my wife and daughter make faces. But when I make cake and cookies, people say "Oh my blog! This is so good!" So now I want to make those things more.

Merry Xmas to the only Shop I want to spend time in for a while!!

All I want is a drive-through that serves healthy, low-sugar, balanced meals. I can't be the only!

The holiday calendar gets a little more forgiving with Christmas on a Tuesday, because we start out vacation on the Saturday before, giving us ample travel time. I'm already anxious about a few years from now, when we work right up to Christmas Eve.

After deciding in college that I didn't like Old Fashioneds, I mixed one from Kingsley Amis's book and it was damn tasty! However, after some Googling, I determined that I am probably not drinking an Old Fashioned, but something close to a whiskey sour.

Whatever, my drink tastes good, but I wonder how Amis got so far from the pack on this one.

My enjoyment of the Sabrina reboot made me go back and try Riverdale. What is this?

I watched the new She-Ra with my daughter, and then she watched it on her own like two more times through. Yesterday in the car she said, "Dad, you know what I like?"
"First Ones' Tech!"

My daughter wrote a song:

"I have boobies!
I, I have boobie-oobies!

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