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since I'm reupping this account after over a year inactive on it, here's my updated !

broad current interests:
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............I have too many short fiction mag subscriptions

I should like

write about what I'm reading

or something

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The Q word - TERFism 

So you can see why they hate the word "queer", why they have been speaking out against its use while claiming to be part of the LGBT+ community. Because when we say "we're queer", we close ranks together, we accept to protect every one of our members equally, even if they are a different flavour of LGBT+ from us. "Queer" is a shield against these divisive tactics.

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reading journal toot 

so yeah next up I'm reading Silvia Moreno-Garcia's novella PRIME MERIDIAN which I'm already halfway through. this writing style = ❤️ so I'm having a good time so far

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reading journal toot (talk of binarism, disability rep) 

it's a very gay book, which I appreciate, but it's pretty binarist and suffers from the use of superpowered blindness (I'm not the best person to talk about this in detail, it just rubbed me the wrong way)

anyways these are by no means uncommon problems in the genre but it'd be awkward of me not to mention them

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reading journal toot 

I finished reading SING THE FOUR QUARTERS by Tanya Huff bc I remember an old friend reading Huff voraciously when we were in high school and wanted to give something of here's a shot; unfortunately I think I chose the wrong book for my tastes? It's not really a bad book, I just like stories less that are told 50% through dialogue (I'm big on atmosphere and mood)

Also the book feels rly white, in the way that a lot of fantasy feels rly white

reading journal toot 

right wow so my kobo ran out of battery whilst I was in the subway so I read POSTCARDS FROM IMPOSSIBLE WORLDS

that one's quite a quick read so now to check my phone for more unread goodies 🔎📚

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reading journal toot 

since my last reading journal toot I've read THE BLACK TIDES OF HEAVEN and THE RED THREADS OF FORTUNE more or less back to back

I forget which book I picked to read after that but I'm taking a break from the Tensorate to enjoy something else so I don't burn out on one very very good thing!!

📚 📚 📚

reading journal toot 📚 

last week's reading: THE CHAOS by Nalo Hopkinson + issue 15 of Apex Mag (2010 w/ tales by Goss and Vandermeer)

today's reading: TAKE THE LEAD by Alexis Daria it's ROMANCE and it's about PARTNER DANCE REALITY TV I needed this, this week💃❤️

reading journal toot 

Last week's reading: half a dozen back issues of Fireside, gobbled up at bedtime and on the commute

This week's reading: Ancillary Justice, also gobbled on commute, but also luxuriously whilst lying in bed on Sunday like some kind of cool person who reads on their day off, it was glorious

gross body stuff 

hey does anyone find that when they come down from a stressful week with lots of running about that their digestion is like "FINALLY!" and the toilet becomes a second home


extremely mild music joke 

crankin up the soothing ambient soundddsssss

*instead of headbanging works at length to maintain an unclenched jaw*

resource for anyone who needs it:

romance (+), a relationship that looks hetero from the outside, food 

counting down the minutes till I get to spend the weekend with my fave person 📚 ✨ 🍜 ❤️

soup bowl emoji in full use here b/c tomorrow we're eating vegan hotpot w/ frands

and because soup is delicious

unpopular opinion, food (+) 

i love vegetables

i find them so flavourful and tasty and also i find that are so many options

✨ 🥕 🍆 🍄 ✨

community support (canada/toronto), $, gender confirming stuff 

I'm fundraising to support a community member to get her new Canadian passport with her correct name on it and we're $75 left on the $160 I committed to raise ❤️

in her own words: it's hard for her to live with her old gender markers on everything.

if you have an extra $5 today, Diana could use it to help make her life better and easier

masto question 

does anyone know how to stop the federated timeline from refreshing automatically on mobile ._.

things move too fast to read!!

family (+/-), community building, whiteness, capitalism, mental health 

anyways, this is just to say that community building doesn't have to be a big production, it can be as small as reaching out in love to the people you already know, with no/neutral expectations

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family (+/-), community building, whiteness, capitalism, mental health 

I'm hoping one day to expand that to a more frequent and flexible schedule but for now it's about establishing comfort with contact. I love my mom, don't get me wrong. but I let myself get too easily swept up in things that feel "productive"

ties in with what I'm working on with my therapist: building my tolerance for uncertainty (in this case, being unsure whether my call will be wanted—an unfounded but real uncertainty)

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family (+/-), community building, whiteness, capitalism 

one of the simpler elements of community building, rather than reaching out to find new people, can be deepening connections with family. this is esp. relevant for me as a white person from a poor/working class background where competition in the name of capitalist success often trumps connection

so all that being said I'm glad for a tiny commitment I've made the last three weeks to call my mom every Thursday. sounds small but it's huge

#topoli TPSB 

just finished my deputation at the Toronto Police Services Board

also I need a politician to ask me bad faith questions (Tory's fave "are you aware that [new thing i did yesterday that seemingly refutes your point but is actually cloaked in mystery]") so I can throw it in their face

would be nice if they asked occasional real questions instead of solely focusing on discrediting deputants but I guess I ask too much huh

local politics, #topoli, d&d references 

we just spent 20 minutes discussing this chart intensely thank you so much for a great and also hilarious discussion tool @nev 👏 👏 👏 👏

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