Felt up to gaiwan brewing today. is TianMu QingDjng/Yun Wu 天目青頂 green tea.

Food (Mid-Autumn Fest) 

I made mooncakes last week. Pistachio honey, mixed nuts and ham, and black sesame with salted duck egg yolk. Unfortunately, this weekend (and now) I’m far too unwell (and likely contagious) to enjoy them or share them outside our home. So they sit there being pretty.

If you didn’t already know, In order to propagate a hoya, some of the stem needs to be included in the propagation. If you just have a leaf and even the petiole, you won’t get a plant. So those cute little single heart leaves (Hoya Kerrii) that places sell will stay alive but usually not grow anymore. When I bought this one, it was on super discount and I dug around in some of the pots to find one that might have stem material attached. Turns out I succeeded, and now it’s blooming.

My Hoya Rotundiflora, which I propagated from a wee cutting, has decided to start reaching out. A few of my other Hoyas are doing this too (h. Australis, h. Australis “Lisa”, h. Carnosa tricolor “Krimson Queen”). Spent some time yesterday making a simple trellis for each of them.

This was the lake. I got to paddle about in a kayak here, except during the day time.

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Broke open my sample of Tai Ping Hou Kui and wow. Kinda looks like the long leaves had to be cut to fit into the sample bags. (For scale, these are on a dinner plate if you can see the edges of it.)

First ever Hoya bloom: on one of my Hoya Wayetii plants I grew from a cutting.

I feel very lucky that I have spaces like this where I can go chill out during my breaks at work. This is from Wednesday.

selfie, eye contact-ish, looping video 

Sweaty and wind blown and feeling dehydrated. But my red eyeliner survived.

One of our former assistants walked into my office without a word or a smile and dropped this on my desk and walked out again.

I adore him.

My glass tea flask in action with some Long Jing (Dragon Well) green tea dancing in the water as it begins to fall (apologies for the wobbly).

My chawan (matcha tea bowl) arrived and is so pretty. Ceramic artist: Zhang Zhen Chun.

Fern, unintentionally exactly a month apart. First photo was taken April 26th, second photo was taken May 26th.

My volunteer bok choi is blooming. Almost time to go to seed for the next round of volunteer plants.

These are just a couple of the many varieties of rhododendron that grow in the garden at work. Hand included in a couple of the photos to show just how big the individual blooms are. Last photo captures some of the size of the cottage-tall plants.

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