I was getting used to, for a little while, logging on here and being able to catch up on my home and local feeds within a short amount of time. Then came in the influx of new and returning folks. Which is great! Yay for cool old/new connections!

But I tried to do the same keeping up up every time I'd log in and realized it was taking up a lot of time/energy and I was starting to focus on my engagement levels. Which is what I've been trying to stay away from with my social media habits. 1/

So the last little while, I've been trying to break that cycle again and stop reaching for my phone or scrolling through feeds.

It means I'll miss updates from folks, but I'm trying to teach my brain that it's not necessary to be plugged in constantly. It's been too many years of perpetual content refreshing. 2/

I'm basically saying all this to let you know that if I've connected with you on here, and if you see me pop in and not interact with something important you've shared, it's not that I don't care, it's likely that I've just missed it in my quick fly-by-and-wave-hello. <3

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