It's #MastoSourcedPlaylist day, and the last one that I'll be running myself! After this @Juju will be taking over, so please follow her if you're not already!

It's the One About the Early 90s!
100 Songs released from 01Jan1990 to 31Dec1994!

Some absolute *jams* on this one!
Shuffle up and enjoy!

@PostMasterGeneral Whoever added Baby, Baby gets a high five from me.


@PostMasterGeneral Also, the My Bloody Valentine. *chef kiss*

(My taste makes no sense, I know.)

@dani @PostMasterGeneral The MBV was my pick! That absolutely had to be on the list.

@y6nH Loveless is so good and it's been too long since I've given it a listen. @PostMasterGeneral

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