I just heard about The StoryGraph, which is currently in beta. Tt's apparently a non-Amazon Goodreads alternative (without being social media), founded by a Black woman. Link to the beta site is at the bottom of this page:

I'm hearing they have half stars and quarter stars, amazing stats features, Goodreads import options, are adding the ability to add trigger warnings.

Other features I'm hearing it includes: marking a book as "did not finish", diverse reading challenges.

@dani I love the review system! You actually mark down if a book contains certain "things", or how much of something, rather than just a star score.

@Sissas Nice! I'm looking forward to trying it out!

@dani they're really good, I love and recommend them

@dani This sounds really interesting! I use LibraryThing as my personal catalog, which it does really well. However, I really struggle using it to keep track of things like books read in a certain year. I know people have systems that work with LibraryThing but I’m back to using a spreadsheet for that at the moment.

@dani oooh, and there are RSS feeds for updates about the site.

@kiesa I avoid using spreadsheets whenever I can, so... hahaha

@kiesa @dani I've started tagging books in LT with the year I read them. I notice from the tags that lots of other people are doing this too! It makes it pretty easy to just click on that tag and see a complete list.

@dani Folks should check out the 2020 onboarding challenge. Looks like a great way to explore the site and find some new reads at the same time.

Click on Reading Challenges and it's the one on the top.

@dani I just tried it and I'm in love with it already! :D

@adrianheine Do you know of a non-crap alternative that isn't?

@adrianheine Sorry, the tone of that wasn't meant to be as harsh as it reads. I'm actually curious. Most websites/apps require some sort of means to fund themselves and I haven't seen an open source or fediverse alternative that has the features I want that runs well.

@dani Don't worry, I didn't think it was harsh :) I don't know any actual alternatives. @inventaire is able to track the books you have but there's nothing about reviews and @rixx wrote something for themselves ( Not really alternatives.

I think a service can fund itself without being a privately-owned for-profit, probably easier, too. On the other hand, if something's run not for its own sake but for profit there's necessarily a conflict of interest lurking. I didn't mean to start a discussion or dismiss what you wrote, though, it's just a relevant information (at least to me) that I didn't find immediately, so I shared it.

@adrianheine Thanks for the thoughtful response. It IS relevant information. 😀

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