Not sure if anyone else has posted this as I've been kinda inactive the last little bit, but Powells bookstores in Portland just hired back 100 of their staff because of a surge of online orders. They got that busy. SO, ordering from ~not Amazon~ can make a difference in your communities.
(BTW, zero shame for those who can only afford/have access to buy books on sale at places like Amazon at this time! This is encouragement for those who are currently able to support independent shops.)


I really hope people will choose Powell's even if it means they can only have one book instead of 5 or 6. Powell's successfully unionized at the tail-end of the Nineties, and they've been that way ever since.

I was at the pro-Union demo where the cops tried to intimidate the workers, but the ILWU longshoremen got between the two groups and the cops wisely rethought their plan. Lol.

@amylsacks This is how I've felt about buying from local shops. I have stores here I love a lot and want to see stay in business and if I have to buy less stuff to afford buying from them, then I'd rather do that.


Yeah, and there's no harm in rereading a book. Since I don't need to study for school or impress anyone at work with a bunch of Hot New Ideas, I'm totally good with that.

[disclaimer: most of my books are art books anyway and no one buys those for the text. :D ]

@dani I usually order from Bilbio because it seems to have a good network of sellers and isn't owned by Amazon, but I will check out Powells!


They seem like pretty decent people but idk.

They have a selection rivaling amazon (since they aggregate a network of sellers) fairly good prices and aren't owned by amazon which is pretty much the reason I started using them and extent I know about them.


****If you use Biblio****

Grab the ISBN of the book you want off of amazon or somewhere else and just search with that, it works way better with their search system than searching by title or author does.

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