Serious question: It’s , who is making PIE?

@dani I am. Trying out Bumbleberry pie (in this case from frozen blueberries, raspberries, and Marion berries). Though, it’s very obvious I don’t make pie crust enough. I need more practice.

@kiesa I’m super lazy with pastry. Sometimes that works to my advantage because I don’t overwork the dough but sometimes it really doesn’t work out well

@dani I made it based on a King Arthur Flour recipe and usually, they’re so precise I have good luck with the recipes. However, I suspect this time our house might be too dry and I should have added more water. Or something. Really, I just need to practice more :)

@kiesa My go-to is an old Smitten Kitchen all bitter recipe. I think she’s updated it but I still use the old one.
Practice has the reward of pie!

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