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Hello, friends!

It's time for this week's #MastoSourcedPlaylist!

It's The One About Water!
Almost 4 hours of songs about Water, Oceans, Seas, Raindrops, Tears, and... other... fluids.


Shuffle up and Enjoy!


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Tips for new users:

don't look at the federated tl
block/mute people or instances if you don't like them
choose an instance based on its vibes (small/mid sized usually is better)
put your pronouns (or a blurb about how you want people to address you) in bio
CW nudes, food, eye contact, and anything that is likely to be triggering
censoring w*rds just breaks filters, better to hide it in a CW. discoverability is shit #onhere, it's damn near impossible to search for things except by hashtag

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Oh look, it’s those people who are always already in the Zoom room before the meeting start time. #florespondence

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hey so this year i want to read more authors that arent white because it seems like white authors just get the traction and therefore i see them and read them, so if anyone has any fiction writers of color preferably newer stuff that they wanna recc, i'm all ears :3

SFFBookClub - full books Black Tides/Red Threads 

Started a reread of LOTR. It’s been some years since the last time I’ve done this and I’m looking forward to it. Listening to an album that was on repeat back when I first read it and I’m curled up with the pups in a blanket and feeling nostalgic and comforted.

Much needed.

In a weird last day of an effed up week, I just got a random phishing message from a former abuser. Always nice to see someone’s name pop up in your notifications like that, right?

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Hey, it's the first #MastoSourcedPlaylist of the year!

It's the One About Starting Over!
A bunch of songs about fresh starts and new beginnings!


Shuffle up and enjoy!

uspol, childhood friend 

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reading these two books to learn everything in existence

Why is it that every time I wash my sheets I forget to put them into the dryer until right before bed?

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Might be a good time for everyone to remember that Mastodon has a content warning function and you are free to use it any time you think other people might appreciate it.

So leaving those dance-dance-groove tunes on that playlist to stand amidst the more dramatic songs is good practice for me.

I have a history of finding it difficult to be open about what I enjoy, which I think stems from being the odd one out in multiple ways for most of my life -- and getting weird looks for my tastes (e.g., growing up half-Asian around almost no Asians and loving discovering Asian food, having my nose in a book around sporty friends, climbing trees and playing in the mud around prim city folk, etc).

A handful of my music friends from a Slack I'm part of collaborated on building a playlist for each other of songs we enjoyed from last year. Some are musicians, have worked in the industry, have been music critics, etc. I was the last (so far) to add songs to the list and didn't listen to it before adding mine. Theirs are mostly "serious" and mine are mostly "hey let's dance and groove, baby" -- a clear reflection of what I needed to listen to get through the year.

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hey who here sells stickers? link me your sticker shop. i have a bookcase that needs art.

looking specifically for indigenous, black, queer, fat, disabled, anarchist, neurodivergent artists, any intersection. content can be anything really, but bonus for surreal art, fat bodies art, witchyness, land back, gardening, etc or hell if you make rad ass unicorns i'm up for that too

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hey, i'm looking for recs for where to buy fabric through the internet, i'm looking to get a couple sample pieces for fabric that would be suitable for a kitchen apron so i know what kind to order. i'm in the US.

(boosts appreciated)

Even though I started both of them prior to the break.

I finished playing Borderlands 3 (120+ hours) and re-reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (1006 pages) in the last couple of days. Sorta puts a very slight emphasis on reaching the end of my winter break.

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