UPDATE: Well, I haven't lost my short hair cutting skills.

Since no one is really going to see me for probably a while, I've decided to cut off more of my hair than usual. This should be FUN. hahahahaha

Not sure if anyone else has posted this as I've been kinda inactive the last little bit, but Powells bookstores in Portland just hired back 100 of their staff because of a surge of online orders. They got that busy. SO, ordering from ~not Amazon~ can make a difference in your communities.
(BTW, zero shame for those who can only afford/have access to buy books on sale at places like Amazon at this time! This is encouragement for those who are currently able to support independent shops.)

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The April #SFFBookClub book will be Kai Ashante Wilson's "The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps".

I'll open the May poll some time next week. It will include at least the 2nd & 3rd most popular from this month. Please nominate other books you'd like to read!

Waste Tide observation no spoilers 

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@dani @eldang Yes, some of my local bookstores are doing the same: Curbside pickup or free media mail. If someone is not sure about theirs, check the store's social media feed.

#Books #SFFBookClub #Bookstores

food: bread 

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#SFFBookClub April poll 

Need to finish reading this month’s read (Waste Tide) pretty quick here because I got the call today that my preorder of NK Jemisin’s new book is IN at the local bookstore. SO EXCITED.

(They are closed to shopping inside but allow pickups at the door of prepaid books. It’s kinda feeling like a drug deal or something.)

Brought all my plants home from work yesterday, just in case. And then today was told to pack up whatever I’d need to work from home so I’m glad I was thinking ahead, because my arms were full.

And, tomorrow remote working shall begin.

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software devs call themselves "humans" a lot and tbh it's kinda suspicious

Waste Tide - no spoilers but also COVID 

Serious question: It’s , who is making PIE?

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covid19 reminder 

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Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch

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Support your Fedifriends! 💚 ✨

If you're in a bad financial situation right now and need a bit of extra money to get by, please leave your links below! Paypal, Ko-Fi, whatever!

Everyone ends up in these situations at some point and we all know how awful it can be. And what with the current situation, there'll be even more people struggling.

Friends, let's alleviate some burdens and help out!

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