Older kiddo is home with a cold; playing outside. Asks me where the dog is, which never happens. (Our house is ever smaller, so they get in each others' way a lot.)

"Dog's up here. Why, what's up?"

"i feel lonely can she come and hang out with me?"

❤️ Gave kiddo a bag of treats and sent the dog down to snack up and be companionable.

@benhamill Thanks for stepping up to mod for GLC! I've enjoyed your contributions a ton. Good luck! 🍀

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My local Council just added this fully electric excavator to the road maintenance fleet. 🔋 🚧 🤩

Happy Friday, team. 🎉

Time is so elastic.

It's a joy that one of the things that kept me from reviewing, writing, recording, and posting this replay sooner was having lots of opportunities to play Netrunner.

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I've finally gotten to post the replay/commentary of a fantastic 25-turn game I played a few weeks ago!


And then, there was EVEN MORE in-person .

I lost against a wicked Jinteki Personal Evolution deck—traps galore and lots of unusual choices for the runner—but I learned a lot! And I got to roll with Tāo Salonga, which continues to be such a rewarding bit of cultural representation.

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I'm happy to report that in-person feels absolutely fantastic. Building a server, accessing cards, constructing a rig—it's all so weighty.

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Cyberpunk isn't orientalist fetishizing of samurai, and it's not stroking yourself to the chance to stick yourself inside a computer, and it's not about how cool and shiny the corp stuff is even though you angst about them being bad people and effectively gods.

Punk is an angry, DIY, collectivist experience, that grew out of alienation from the "Me Generation" that was very individualistic and mass market and "I got mine".

toddler bathtime bribery level: bath bomb color tablets AND bubble bath

All set to play in-person games of this weekend.

The last time I played in-person was November 2018! ⌛

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