and question: I'm working on my first screenplay. I've started with StudioBinder, which is free and cloud based. Seems good so far, with intuitive formatting. I like the idea of the 'index card' style tools, but I'm not sure what's good. Any good free/open source software to recommend?

@crashsolo dunno about free ones, I struggled finding one myself.

But FadeIn was the best $80 I ever spent. Complete worth every penny

@crashsolo I pay for WriterDuet and am very happy with it but I think it has a free option too

@Kevryanperson @crashsolo I just started playing around with Writer Duet and I think I like it. I keep going back to Finak Draft though, for better or worse.

@crashsolo I don't recommend it for basically anyone, but I love writing in fountain format. Writing in plain text is so much quicker for me than combinations of tabs and enters. It also meansI can use git for version management and GitHub for back up.

@crashsolo I use Trello as an index card tool, it's free and works great and actually has a lot of benefits like linking Google Docs to cards and attaching to do-lists to cards and a bunch of other stuff.

@robinkarlsson that’s a really interesting idea - it’s ve used trello for work meetings before, but hadn’t thought of it for this. I’ll have to test it out! Thank you

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