was feeling a little bad about canceling out of something social tonight because I'm tired, but now I've discovered arrived today! time for soothing and adorable bird people

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dnd character creation can be an incredibly powerful act of queer and/or trans self-exploration

more gay rpg things plz

a sudden cold snap calls for books and coziness

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Looking for a Black, preferably LGBT, sensitivity reader for a new project! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email hthrflowers@gmail.com with your credentials!

Please boost!

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COWORKER: The lab doesn't have a smoke detector, does it?

ME: I don't think so, no. Why do you ask?

COWORKER, now standing next to a furnace which is gently billowing smoke: No reason.

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I was looking at the Amazon reviews for _The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince_, & wanted to share this quote from one:

"It's like, Captain America, Superman, and Batman walk into a bar and eventually decide to have sex.

"Wait. That came out wrong."



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So what I really enjoy in computar is when a new technology is changing things and the UI people are just making things up as they try to figure out what will work.

I loved the early Web, for instance, and the Palm era of early handheld devices, and the first iPad. Not because they had good interfaces but because you could see the experiments as they happened.

Is that happening anywhere now?

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of Mastodon: the narrator of this video pronounces "unknown" and "sewn" in a way I haven't heard in other places--he splits the final /n/ off into its own syllable. Is this a regional thing (he lives in Minnesota; don't know where he grew up)?

[apologies for the first toot, in which I thought he was in Michigan]

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Hey sci-fi fans of mastodon! What are tv shows or well-known series where human/alien diplomacy and living together are a major theme?

Thinking along the lines of Babylon 5, DS9, Mass Effect...

Obviously there’s human/alien stuff like Alien(s), but I’m interested in longer-term coexistence. #SciFi #SpaceOpera #Syfy 😜

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After years of work, and innumerable conference and symposiums, the translation of the message from the stars was complete. It began as follows:
"This is more of a comment than a question..."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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The knight inspected the tiny pink cupcake, with its artful dusting of sugar imitating frost on the petals of delicate roses made of icing, garnished with pearlescent beads. It sat precisely in the center of an ornate porcelain saucer.

"Well this... looks very nice. You baked this yourself?" she asked.

The dragon wagged its tail," I decorated it too! Please, one bite, then you'll see why the princesses CHOOSE to have tea parties with me."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

One comfort when we have visoting experimentalists - we may not have a spoken tongue in common, but the language of duct tape is universal. ;)

IDK how many DC-area followers I have here, but if anyone's interested: UMD is hosting a talk on the new standard for the kilogram this Saturday lecdem.physics.umd.edu/images/ (pdf)

last time I visited family, in the spring, bus got stuck in a late snowstorm.
this time the bus broke down on the way there and we're seeing if replacement bus can get to us before another snowstorm does.

DC area folks, be careful out there! the weather's not too bad yet, but most roads aren't treated.

struggling to remind myself that "slightly less overloaded " is not the same as "done."

uspol, sort of 

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