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Hi, my name is Clark! By day, I'm a web developer. By night, I'm asleep. In the time between, I'm an Organisation for Transformative Works volunteer and Accessibility Editor at Strange Horizons.

Things I like include weird books & weird comics, nice tea, and tabletop games. I also like drawing things and writing.

Hoping to talk to some interesting people on here!

I shouldn't expect much from borrowed threeps, but come on.


I have made a terrible thing. I can only really describe it as "dress-up game for table flipping."

Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

imagine you had a spider and then you referred to it as a pineapple and now it's a squid

javascript type coercion is the weirdest goddamn thing

manly product for men!

are you a man who can only fight one bear?

buy this and fight ten bears at once!


Robo hands! In differing degrees of completion. Both WIP.

Heard from someone that cosplaying at Eastercon is inadvisable. I've never been, so is this accurate?

was tearing my hair out yesterday for HOURS trying to diagnose a programming bug last evening. i went to sleep, woke up, had a cup of coffee, looked at it for literally 5 minutes, and fixed it immediately

if youre a newbie programmer, the best advice i can give you is just... go the fuck to sleep honestly

so if a bunch of ghosts had a company could we call it a discorporation?

Finished the book! (for the... manyth time. I've had it a while.)

why would you ruin two good things by putting them together? or: surprise mint chocolate

@rosjackson Iria Parente and Selene Pascual. I have not read anything by them so far, but I know they're pretty popular among young readers. And very prolifics! Only 25 and 29 years old.

Another one is Laura Gallego, but she's been in the writing profesion for a lot more time.

Oh, Gabriella Campbell and José Antonio Cotrina. They write together and, at least him, I know he has YA books by himself too. Although I'm not sure how popular they are among youngsters.

How Does One Small Dog Make So Many Weird Smells? And Other Questions for the Ages

Really want to do this one knitting pattern with a 20 row repeat, but the longest repeat I've done is... four rows. How do I work up to that?

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