Do you want to hear me speaking with my actual face hole? If so, you're in luck! There's an opportunity to do so today! And you don't even have to get off the sofa.

Rainbow Space Magic is a mini virtual con for writers of queer SFFH.

For Sunday’s , I’m reading Glory on Mars by Kate Rauner. And today’s coffee is from the Broca.

What are you drinking and reading?

Speculative fiction in which imperialism never happened please.

Yes, this is a request if you know any of such titles.

Get Outlaw Rising (Parse Galaxy #0.5) by Kate Sheeran Swed for FREE when you join the author's newsletter.

I made This Is Not a Pancake to go along with my very tasty This™ Isn’t Sausage.

It’s Friday! For today’s , I’m reading Space Murder (a Liz Laika mystery) by and I’m drinking coffee from @CoaltownCoffee.

It’s the weekend! For today’s , I’m reading’s Each Little Universe. And my beverage of choice is karak chai by in Deptford.

What are you drinking and reading today, friends?

@Tak Oh, that's amazing! Can I use something like that?

All right, folks. I need bad jokes. Jokes that make no sense at all. Not dad jokes. Not groan-worthy jokes. Ones that leave you going ‘What? That doesn’t even make sense.’

It’s for a book.

Hit me. Please?

My friend Doug (DM Pruden) has a new book coming out. I don't know about you but I'm really looking forwards to this one.

Still looking for authors to join the July 'Friends not Lovers' promo for all spec-fic stories featuring strong friendships.

Pssst! Like books? Check out C.L. Cannon’s Diverse Fantasy & Sci-fi Fan Giveaway.

Happy Friday ! I’m reading The Stellar Snow Job by Meanwhile, back in reality, there’s no snow. there’s It’s nine gazillion degrees out there (32 – near enough). So my coffee is iced.

What are you drinking and reading?

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