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My favourite new review says that I am 'proof that our education system is failing'. If you too enjoy 'unadulterated rubbish', check out .

It’s the weekend! For today’s , I’m reading’s Each Little Universe. And my beverage of choice is karak chai by in Deptford.

What are you drinking and reading today, friends?

All right, folks. I need bad jokes. Jokes that make no sense at all. Not dad jokes. Not groan-worthy jokes. Ones that leave you going ‘What? That doesn’t even make sense.’

It’s for a book.

Hit me. Please?

My friend Doug (DM Pruden) has a new book coming out. I don't know about you but I'm really looking forwards to this one.

Still looking for authors to join the July 'Friends not Lovers' promo for all spec-fic stories featuring strong friendships.

Pssst! Like books? Check out C.L. Cannon’s Diverse Fantasy & Sci-fi Fan Giveaway.

Happy Friday ! I’m reading The Stellar Snow Job by Meanwhile, back in reality, there’s no snow. there’s It’s nine gazillion degrees out there (32 – near enough). So my coffee is iced.

What are you drinking and reading?

Today in

08.00: Kira (22 kg) tripped and injured her good front paw. I had to carry her the last 150 metres.

13.02: Lemmy emptied his glands on my lap 2 mins into a 30-minute meeting. If you don't know what that means, count your blessings.

Haunted space stations? Puzzling totems? Cursed relics? No job's too bizarre for the crew of the Nanshe.

Check out Ghost Pirate Gambit,'s latest.

the gender of the day is totally ripped foxgirl mechanic

Oh, I forgot about this morning’s . I’m reading Vincent Scott’s The Hereafter Bytes. And my coffee was from

What are you drinking and reading?

Veena and Hwicce will do anything to protect their daughter.

The Expanse meets Embers of War in this engrossing space opera with intricate and expansive world-building and captivating characters.

Check out Silver to the Heart (Light of Adua #1) by @brien_feathers.

Magic, vampires, zombies, realms, love, and apocalypse!

I took today’s pic in the kitchen. Because reasons. I’m reading an ARC off Last Liar Standing by @DanielleMWong@twitter. And the @Moma@twitter oat milk came out extra frothy today, so I dressed the coffee like a cappuccino.

What are you drinking and reading?

The marriage-splainers are really quite something.

Anyways, I should do some more writing.

Over on the other site, I've got people patiently explaining how marriage works to me. Because apparently @XtalDave and I are doing it wrong.

Anyways, might hang out here for a while instead.

Happy Tuesday! For today’s , I’m reading Fractured Orbits by @JeannetteB4000@twitter. And my coffee is from @CoaltownCoffee@instagram roasters.

What are you drinking and reading?

A general PSA: if you keep wanting to cut off your toxic family, and you're in a position where you're able to: you can, and you should. You are NOT a bad person for doing it, you deserve love and safety.

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