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I didn't get everything done on my to-do list, but I did make a decently sized dent in it. And now I'm exhausted and want to just sit and stare into the middle distance for a while and pet some kitties.

Also, it seems like it might be a good idea to dust off the @dream_foundry account and start making sure that we're putting content here too.

~adds it to the pile of to-dos~

Today I'm hoping to get a bunch of Flights of Foundry 2021 videos scheduled for release, doing some work with the captioning volunteers, and working on a style guide for the captioning project. Oh, and a meeting with the Con or Bust folks to get a few more details ironed out before the board meeting next week.

I predict my focus will survive through about three hours of all that, but we'll seeeee. And I've got bubble tea on the way, so that'll help.

~cracks knuckles~ Time to get to it.

@yomimono This is DEFINITELY the content I came here for. I'm happy to contribute to this atmosphere.

I feel like maybe I should go and poke at my dreamwidth account too, but the chances that I'll have either time or energy to actually update it and/or read other people's posts... yeah... maybe it's ok that it just sits there, quietly gathering dust. DW is great! It's lovely and well run and a great idea and gosh I just can't right now.

eye contact 

My "I survived the convention" present to myself arrived yesterday and it is so pretty! I highly recommend getting hair flowers from The Faerie Market - I feel like a character in a Tales game who's found an attachment andI want to wear it all the time.

Oh geez, I hadn't posted in literal actual years... I'm still going to be on the birb site to post Dream Foundry things, but it seems like now is a good time (one thing and another!) to brush off the dust and settle back in to lurking here slightly more actively.

The Dream Foundry's first virtual sff convention is open for registration and programming suggestions! May 16-17, free with a suggested donation (but we really do mean the free part).

We're hosting a virtual convention coming up later in the spring (most likely the end of May but final date TBD)! Stop by our questionnaire to tell us what you'd like to see there:

@alxd hi! My nonprofit, the Dream Foundry, ran an art contest last year and will be doing so again this year. I'd be happy to talk to you about it and answer specific questions - best way is definitely by email for me. Cislyn at gmail.

I think maybe it's time to play Stardew Valley instead of continuing to stare at this manuscript.

@binder Current status: what is work, what are words, how do anything?

I'll figure it out. But gosh it takes a while when I've been out of it. :)

Today I will actually be getting work done, she said, extremely ambitiously.

Also, it's in the format of a list story, because writing things that aren't just fiction is hard, friends.

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I wrote a thing about going to the Viable Paradise workshop, and it's up on the Dream Foundry blog.


hello! I am taking commissions for silly embroidery. Please respond if you are interested in paying a human to do some silly embroidery for you. Thanks!

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