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Mimi And Opie are still looking for a home together, having lost their human. If you know anyone at all in Louisiana - or states nearby! - willing to take in these two sweet kitties, let me know. I'm willing to help transport them to get them to a good home.

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Here are Mimi and Opie. Mimi is a little shy, but sweet. Opie is a cuddle buddy who loves sunshine and high places. They need a new home, now that they've lost their human. Any folks in Louisiana want to help out? Get in touch with me!

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The Dream Foundry Kickstarter is live! We have some amaaaazing stretch goals and some fun and awesome reward tiers (t-shirts! crocheted critters made by yours truly! voicemails from nifty authors and podcasters! stickers! hangouts with professional artists!). Come check us out!

If you pledge this week and comment here letting me know, I'll write up a description of a random magic item just for you. Because everyone needs a little more magic right now. :)

Bonus kitty was still a little drunk from anesthesia and not much able to move around tonight, but very cuddly.

Bonus kitty at the vet. She's not feeling well and we are running tests. And I'm doing my best to stay calm...

The Halloween party was awesome. I'm looking forward to handing out candy this week in my costume.

I've also sketched a few random things around the house. Now that the leaves are turning I should draw some leaves!

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Been kinda quietly doing , just because I got some new pens and wanted to play. So far, I seem to be missing the ocean. This is nothing new.

The birthday party was great. The bounce house was more fun than I expected. I took pictures, but this is probably the best representation. (She also had crayons and rolls of paper for these kinds of shenanigans, because my friend does excellent parties.)

Every month I send a new speculative fiction story or poem out to my patrons, along with a letter, printed on nice paper and sealed with sealing wax. I'm a little late getting August's goodies out due to the holiday, so if you like getting pretty and weird snailmail, there's yet time to sign up. :)

Today: reading Uncanny Magazine slush and fussing this adorable .

I watched the Mr. Rogers documentary while crocheting and covered in cats and now I'm full of feelings. Right at the end I remembered teaching myself to snap so I could snap along with the "such a good feeling" song.

Today's moment of unreasonable rage 

My insurance company, which I've been with since I was a teenager, spelled my name wrong. Just... What?!? HOW even? My file had to be open in front of the person sending this. Ugh.

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