Signed another story contract today - that's two this week! This is shaping up to be a good year for my writing, which is odd, because I haven't actually *written* a darn thing in months. I've done some revising, but my creative brain is just not there right now. It's ok. I have a big backlog of stories and poems to be sending out, and sometimes it just takes a while.

One of the stories I sold this week I wrote back in 2017. It's been revised something like 6 times, and I didn't even start sending it out until 2019 where it started rounding up form rejections (9 of them in total).

I write first drafts super fast, but getting to a finished product takes me a while, and sending things out is a long haul, too. Patience and persistence pays off, and it's more than ok to be slow.

@cislyn Congratulations!! And it is okay :) We've all been there, especially in the Great Pandemic Brain Bog. 💜

@aimeeogden Thank you! And yeah, I'm productive enough in other areas that I feel just fiiiiiine letting ideas simmer for quite a while before trying to write them out these days.

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