I'm back from Viable Paradise with a head full of stories and a heart full of music and now I'm doing logistics and planning a trip down to Florida to see my dad. Wheeee?

@cislyn I... guess visiting Florida has also been a good source of stories for you in the past?

I hope you're able to get some rest from all this travel, though.


@klara Yeah, I'm afraid my VP classmates probably just think of me as That Person Who Writes Florida Stories now since that was a major feature of both my submission story and the story I wrote while there. It's where all my family feels happen.

@cislyn I'm sure they don't _just_ think of you as that.

And, like, come on, if you're from Florida, you're gonna have some dang feelings about that.

@klara Yeah, it's such a rich setting for feeeeeeelings. You've got death and swamp monsters and phosphorescent river lights and toothy fish and retirement homes and chain restaurants and fossils and... I'm just talking myself into a list story aren't I? I've got enough to write. I'll stop now. ;)

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