My stepmom died this weekend.

She'd just come through a treatment for cancer, and been given the all-clear and told she was looking great and was cancer-free. This is a huge shock, and it leaves a big hole in my dad's life. I'm not going to make it to the funeral (it'll be during Viable Paradise), and my dad has said that's ok. I'm planning to go down to Florida and be there for him when he doesn't have her family to lean on. All of this is just... it's a lot, friends.


Also, I haven't been talking about it in some spaces (like this one) because it feels... I don't know. It feels strange. Grief is already weird, and grieving in any kind of public way is also weird. Anyway, I'm ok with missing the funeral and he's ok with me missing the funeral but I'm still having some complicated thoughts about rituals and performance and just... stuff.

My dad is doing ok so far. I wish like crazy I could just teleport. That would solve a lot of problems right now.

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