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Bi poly married speculative fiction writer. I mostly write short stories and poetry - long form stories are harder for me. I dabble in a lot of crafts, make messes, pet kitties, play games, and dither about how to introduce myself on social media sites (especially since I'll likely just lurk. It's what I do). I'm a submissions editor for Uncanny Magazine, and I read voraciously. Um... yeah, that's me.

+ slay the spire is out on PS4 yay!
- I have soooo much to do and am very behind on all the things
+ I'm making incremental progress on the things. Grudgingly.
- I'm fighting off a cold. WisCon is at the end of this week. Aaaaargh.
+ WisCon! At the end of this week!
- Oh geez I'd better figure out my reading soon.
+ I'm doing a reading! And I'm on a panel! And stuff!
- Ahahaha am I really ready to be this social?

Hi, I'm feeling a bit mixed this morning. How are you?

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@hafnia I see what you did there! I've been posting kitty pictures for every backer over on the birb site. I'll just drop one here, no particular reason. (THANK YOU!)

Hey folks! The Dream Foundry kickstarter is almost over! If you wanted a weird crocheted critter (made by me), a nifty t-shirt, a manuscript crit from an awesome writer or editor, a hangout with professional artists, a voicemail from Charlie Jane Anders (!), or just to support our mission of helping new folks in the speculative arts, this is were to go:

Gosh, I'm tired. I really don't know how folks manage self-promotion. I'm talking up the Dream Foundry kickstarter on birbsite and the book of faces and also trying to find homes for Kate's cats and just this amount of being social is so dang draining that I'm ignoring other nice social outlets and just... I think maybe today is a do chores and play stardew valley kinda day. I'm seeing some friends for board games and dinner tonight. Gonna try to conserve energy for that.

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I cleaned my kitchen and rewarded myself by making enchiladas and oh, goodness, I remember why cooking is good now! Yummmm....

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I had a good night! I played two new-to-me games and one of them I liked well enough to be considering it as a gift for a friend. The Mind is a nifty simple little card game which reminds me a bit of Hanabi, but with less room for accidental cheating. Mice and Mystics is a downright adorable game with a story telling mechanic and sort of light role playing elements. It's divided into chapters, which is verrrry nice for a game with state and so many elements. Good times!

Hokay. Errands erranded. And when I got home I was a big meanie and trimmed Bonus cat's claws (gosh they needed it). Further adventures for tonight: dinner at a friend's and maybe playing a new-to-me board game. Whee!

Right. Off to run some errands and get some stuff done (hopefully). Anxiety and butidon'twanna are both really high today, but I'm going to push through it. Wish me luck.

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People of Mastodon, what are you curious about? Yesterday's facts post made me think, and there are SO MANY THINGS. Can we talk about what gets us excited???

Ah, and there's my thunder! I was promised thunderstorms today and they're finally happening. I'm looking forward to a dark and stormy night.

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