Went out for some nighttime photography and a beer with a friend Friday night. Great end to an awful week at work.

Dental issues 

every day lately feels like I'm racing through to the part of the night where i put on my night guard and smear some calcium paste on the tooth. today the headache was really unbearable at times, sapping my energy, and really fucking up my mood. The older I get the more I understand my great-grandparents' generation who would get all their teeth removed as a birthday present or whatever

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Dental issues 

Been having issues with my teeth shifting and my bite getting just misaligned enough that I can't close my mouth properly, front tooth clicking against bottom teeth, scraping off the enamel. The situation escalated today and now my tooth is aching with intermittent throbbing pain. I have my first dentist appt since before covid coming up soon but I dunno what they can do for me besides refer me to an orthodontist. relief is not coming quickly, I fear

...that said, I kinda regret not taking five more minutes to look into getting an actual fuji lens instead. no particular reason I was drawn to the tokina. Whatever

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Well I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the tokina 28mm I was looking at. Pretty sure it's the right mount with a weird label ("f/ax") but we'll see. I could have kept shopping around but hey, it was cheap. Why not.

I'm trying to not sink a ton of cash into this camera or overthink it too much. I figure I don't have a lens that wide on my other cameras yet so maybe it will tempt me to shoot it.

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Was recently gifted a camera by a coworker who was moving across the country. Cheapo plastic Fuji STX-2, she wasn't sure it worked. Seems like it's okay and she just didn't know how to load it. However the lens it came with is full of fungus so I'm hunting for a new one. Almost let myself make an impulse purchase yesterday at work but I'm doing some research now and I'm more confused than ever. Way out of my depth here with these old 80s SLRs

"go nuts with no nuts" the packaging on this brownie i'm eating says. bro, i would if i could, believe me

Tonight I cleaned out all the mail that had piled up here at the apt following my hand injury back in June, took about an hour. Lots of junk and some important stuff (my car registration sticker!) that had just fallen by the wayside. Weird to look back and see how disorganized we let things get but also felt great to get things back to normal and out of the fucking way

Rediscovered this serene photo of my girlfriend sitting in our friend's lovely apartment that I snapped on our mostly unpleasant trip to DC

Asked to be referred to with gender neutral pronouns at work today and kinda sorta read-between-the-lines came out as trans at work today. Whew

Really feeling this old EMI logo. They don't make em like they used to

Just saw a custom Honda Ruckus for the first time tonight and... It's good. I don't even like scooters

Sitting in the hotel room watching college gymnastics and boy Alabama has some ugly leos. The commitment to houndstooth outside of their football program is really uncalled for

Joined Sara on her work trip to DC. Kinda had a miserable time - crappy hostel, sick to my stomach the first two days, convention was overwhelming and left me tired and depressed... Got to the airport aaand our flight was cancelled and we're stranded in Baltimore until Wednesday.

Stamps.com is the perfect scam: the service is so dogshit you can't send them a ma*l b"mb if you wanted to

Medical stuff (I'm fine) 

Thumb seems pretty close to healed now. Glue dissolved away a couple days ago and everything looks like it sealed up properly. Still keeping it under a bandaid to keep it clean and protected for now (and because I think it's still a little too rough to be shown in public) but looking good!

Caught up with a friend I haven't seen in about a month and told him the story, which was fun lol

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New girl, this one is Aika from the Megami Device line. She's a healer / medic type and is both nurse themed and pig themed for some reason

Then again, this one is pretty lewd and I think it rocks. I dunno. I contain multitudes

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So far this hobby has been a lot of fun. My only gripe is I kinda wish these girls had some pants. Half the reason I want to get into painting these guys is to just get them into some bodysuits or tights lol

Like, I'm really considering preordering this one soon and her whole ass is just out. Like, c'mon, I'm no prude but I'm also not a teenage boy. I'm a classy middle-aged lady and I want my little plastic robot girls to reflect that

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