very excited to be drawing again. unfortunately it seems i've lost the ability to gauge when a piece is finished

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Dunno if I'm done with this or not yet, but it's the first major illustration I've done all pandemic. Feels good

I'm especially excited about the risograph, I've been trying to get my hands on one of these for ages now. Ran some test prints through it yesterday to test the scanner

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The highly esteemed print shop I worked at pre-pandemic shut down; the start-up bro owner was tired of running it and gutted everything.

The upside is that some of my old coworkers bought a bunch of the old equipment and now have a warehouse space. They invited me out a couple days ago and have basically suggested that I hang out and print whatever I want free of charge, offered to teach me how to use the presses... Not sure what to make of it yet but going to enjoy it while I can

Another byproduct of being vaccinated is that my urge to draw seems to be returning? Knocked a little hour long sketch out earlier in the week and I've been knee deep in a big drawing for three days now. I'm really happy with it. Feels really fucking good

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Finally beat Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The rare thing that is as good as I remember from high school. A bit repetitive by the end but I'd still be tempted to keep playing through my starred save file if I didn't have FFTA2 waiting for me

Gf and I are both fully vaxxed now, and I'm trying to slowly start getting back to some semblance of normalcy. We ate inside a restaurant for the first time in over a year today (masks on when not eating, didn't linger).

After, at home, I had a couple hours of complete, utter lucidity like I haven't had in months. It's staggering how pandemic stress and isolation has aggravated my ADD and anxiety... it's nice to feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

I tracked down a copy of FFTA2 thinking I was almost done with FFTA, instead my FFTA save has recently passed 100 hours.

Got Lini and Quin, though. I don't think I ever did that back in the day.

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GF signed me up for the WiggleBird zine subscription recently and it's been fairly typical trans / queer content so far... Then today I got a full-color Grumpy-TG erotic tg/tf comic! Good stuff

Fantasy violence 

Lately I keep waking up early with freaky nightmares, I think maybe as a side effect of acid reflux / indigestion. This morning I dreamt I was getting carjacked. The other day I dreamt I'd become a mass shooter and had to hide from the police.

I just want to fucking sleep

playing around with the "tone" feature in CSP, was pleasantly surprised at how this came together

FFTA has a lot of very normal-looking moves and then there's the 'doom' status effect that OHKOs after three turns. Good stuff

nice little touch in FFTA that almost cost me a game over last night: the Blood Strings animist harp will heal vampires if used as a melee weapon. who knew

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DST really pulled back the curtain on just how utterly, hopelessly tired I am lately. Two days in a row now where I've just been 100% exhausted by dinnertime

Weather is warming up here in central Florida but the nights have been cool again lately, down in the low 60s, dipping into the 50s. Enjoying late night walks while I can.

We saw a pack of three raccoons while out tonight, makes me a little nervous as there were some rabid ones found a little ways across town recently 😬

I consider myself a person of at least moderately high standards but wow, am I trash for mediocre fictionmania-style tg fiction. Some people read cozy mysteries, I read about guys turning into ladies 💁‍♀️

It's been a hot minute since I read anything new that I liked, though. In the meantime I will go back and edit other people's stories to my taste for my own personal collection. This is a cry for help

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