Brexit / EU Citizenship 

In the wake of Brexit, I wonder what the fastest way to EU citizenship would be for a British citizen, without needing a separate visa.

1. Move to Ireland (5 years to naturalize)
2. Move to Scotland and await IndyRef2
3. Move to Northern Ireland and await unification

I *think* Ireland's the safest bet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see NI beat Scotland to the punch on timelines.


Really feeling for Stacey Abrams right now. "Oh, you flipped the Georgia presidential race? Great, now do that again for the Senate. Twice."

I'm very embarrassed and can't stop thinking about this.

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Holy cow. The Washington Football Team is not in the Pacific Northwest. Y'all, I'm in my mid-30s and this is a revelation. 🤯

US Politics / SCOTUS (grim, yelling into the void) 

If Trump resigns or succumbs to Covid-19, Pence can put Barrett on the Supreme Court and simultaneously claim to be honoring Ginsberg's dying wish that she "not be replaced until a new president is installed."

@lanodan Thunderbird actually seems to be resurrecting itself -- they're even hiring!

Logged into LinkedIn for the first time in over three years and... I think we've all made some mistakes in this whole Internet as Serious Business thing.

@nolan I wonder if Deno might have an opening here? It makes its own weird choices, but it's at least starting with ESM...

Me: *silence*

Toddler: Nobody will ever find your hat.

Alright, Fediverse, what are some good recipe websites that aren't... awful like most recipe websites? was a favorite of mine for over a decade, but the ads are finally starting to metastasize now that Elise sold it to Fexy Media.

I feel like is all I have left for . Help?

Just finished Book 5 of the Wheel of Time. Started reading the series for the first time earlier this year.

Only 9 more books to go.

Current assessment: this could've been a really tight trilogy.

@Eden Folks in Belfast are still friendly enough, but holy hell we're bad at social distancing. I'm doing so much jumping around avoiding people that I'm considering taking up Kabaddi once this is over...

@stelepami @lawremipsum yeah, the UK (or maybe just Belfast, given the Troubles?) is *super serious* about fences everywhere.

Took some getting used to, but it's actually super handy for playgrounds: kids can't run directly into the street, etc.

@stelepami @lawremipsum The city council over here just straight up closed and padlocked all the parks, so that's one way to solve it. ☹️

I'm bad at posting on Mastodon, but I read a lot and I appreciate all y'all doing your thing, offering little windows into life in this strange time. ❤️

@aphyr I've been pretty sick for the past four days and I've come to the conclusion that feeling bad feels bad, and very little is worth the risk of feeling this way again any time soon.

Y'all all stocking on up toilet paper, while I'm sat here seeing our cloth baby wipes in a whole new light...

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