It took seven months of paperwork, but our kiddo now has three passports (thanks, Belfast!) and Global Entry.

In his Global Entry photo, he's asleep in his pram, sucking on a dummy. It's valid until he's nearly 6 years old. πŸ˜‚

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@callahad I heard they weren't doing Global Entry cards anymore, that looks like a card though…

Of course, I've never once actually needed the card in the ~3 years I've had it.

@dshafik Apparently the Global Entry cards are still issued, at least as of last month. Not actually needed at ports of entry through, so... 🀷

Either way, as a Minnesotan, it's super useful to have, since our default state IDs aren't REAL ID compliant, and our extension expires next month:

@callahad same for WA, but they've also extended it like three times. I mean, I have 3 other valid forms of ID that are REAL ID compliant so I'm not worried.

@dshafik @callahad I completely forgot mine on this trip to the US and panicked for a minute before I remembered that I'd never been asked for it, and when I've handed it to people unbidden they just glare at me and hand it back.

@ellotheth @callahad The DHS website says on the "request a new card" section that it's *only* needed for land crossings into Canada/Mexico. Implying that you shouldn't even bother getting a replacement if you're not doing that.

@dshafik @ellotheth Fascinating. I guess that explains why they didn't request a new photo when I downgraded from NEXUS to Global Entry.

AFAIK, the NEXUS kiosks still require the card.

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