Y'all, this cemetery offers graveside resurrections and only scores like 4/5 stars on Google.

...Just finished submitting all (I think!) of my documents to a tax preparar for my first return as an American expat. Next up is figuring out my UK Self Assessment.

Thoughts and prayers for my wallet and sanity. 😰

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Got some professional headshots made.

Reviewing them has convinced me that I cross my arms in an atypical manner. Now I'm Google Image Searching "crossed arms."

Way to go, brain. Thanks for noticing. Definitely don't have better things to do.

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Dad Hacks: Baby monitor too blindingly bright at night? Create a filter with brake light repair tape!

Bonus points for using electrical tape to make a hinge for the filter.

Still haven't figured out how to fit duct tape and/or WD-40 into this plan...

Allrecipes wants to show me desktop notifications .... for some reason? In case a recipe is recalled? There's a revolutionary new way to combine eggs flour sugar and cream I'm not already familiar with?

Websites: do less. Much, much less.

I'm confused:

1. Hot dogs do not / should not come in cans.
2. The American Style can is the same size, but has fewer dogs and costs twice as much as the normal can.

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OH: "Remember making cinnamon rolls with Mom? Sprinkle raisins in, roll them up, cut them in half and put Velveeta in them... Mom had a real sweet with savory thing going on." ☹️

We are looking for a recent graduate to join our developer advocacy team based in London (UK). See details here: sec.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/Sams We actively seek a diverse pool of applicants, including those from historically marginalized groups. Come join us!

I've been doing Dev Rel for a bout two years now, I am not going to stop any time soon but I cannot deny the effect it's had on my physical and mental health.

It's struggle balancing doing what I love with my long term health.

Friends don't let friends use a browser created by an ad company. Come to Firefox, we don't even *want* your personal data!

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It took seven months of paperwork, but our kiddo now has three passports (thanks, Belfast!) and Global Entry.

In his Global Entry photo, he's asleep in his pram, sucking on a dummy. It's valid until he's nearly 6 years old. 😂

Step 1: Move to UK.
Step 2: Eat raw cake batter.
Step 3: Don't worry about getting sick, because it's totally fine to do that over here.

Since some people are talking about the “death of the URL” … again … it felt like the right time to re-post something I wrote 2 years ag on the topic medium.com/@torgo/in-defense-o including a link to research that seems to indicate people DO know what URLs are.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my social media use has changed in ten years. Time was I’d talk about feeling blue, what I was working on, stuff that was bugging me, water-cooler stuff. Now it’s more guarded/performative: pithy one-liners, media reviews, and social commentary.

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