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In a couple of weeks I will either continue to have the undercut-type-deal I have now, just longer on top and cleaned up on the sides and back, or I will suddenly have a buzzed head, and by this will you know whether or not I figured out how to make the first option happen.

Finished Shadowbringers aka got to the credits and have feelings.

This morning I'm rambling in my journal about the connections between denying parts of yourself and being attracted to stories of otherwise good characters being forced in some way to display or confront monstrousness.

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Today a tank who I did not know went out of their way to tell me "Nice healing" after a dungeon where I felt I'd done particularly well. Feels good, lol

Killing video game spiders wasn't great until I suspected that they had an advanced economy and trade

Now I must kill them all before one of them invents capitalism for spiders

Leave me alone for an afternoon and this is what happens: my character is now Ravenclaw themed.

EXCUSE ME, the Viis do the hand thing that the Many Mothers do in Fury Road. I can never be any other race now.

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COVID-19, work 

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