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I just wrote 3,785 words of personal essay in two days, but it's done, I got it out, and I think I need to lay down.

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Weeks and weeks and weeks of drought, of ekeing out 100 words every other day or so, of resting.

And then suddenly you wake up one morning and 1,400 words of essay need to come out of your fingers, like, now, fully formed and intricately woven.

(And I'm not even done for the day.)

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Woke up with an essay battering at the doors to my brain.

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Also if you play and are on Coeurl or just Crystal in general... Hit me up? I just transferred from Gilgamesh/Aether and don't know anyone except the irl friend I transferred for. XD

As much as I like the story, the world, the dress-up of , it's the combat that's addictive to me. It's so satisfying to juggle all the balls of dodging and executing mechanics and dpsing and healing, and even more so when you do it all perfectly on a previously difficult fight. Whenever I try to describe it to people irl who don't play I always go a little overboard and start comparing it to executing complicated dance choreography. 😅

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