Complaining about partner's job 

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Complaining about partner's job 


@Elizabeth_Fitz Yeah, I'm horrible at watching TV in general, but when I do watch something, it's a binge until the end. It doesn't feel like there's enough story in one episode of most things to be satisfying.

"Humans do not, under the pressure of an emergency, socially collapse. Rather, they seem to display higher levels of social cohesion, despite what media or government agents might expect…or portray on TV. Humans, after the apocalypse, band together in collectives to help one anotherβ€”and they do this spontaneously."

Going home for Thanksgiving may have been a mistake. Dad and sis both had colds, and after just getting over my 3 weeks of shittyness, I appear to be coming down with whatever they had.

Happy holidays?

@joleneoflegend Not a problem, glad the blog is helpful!

Also if there's ever anything you're looking for in particular, feel free to reach out. I love playing matchmaker between people and books!

I sometimes forget how far I've stepped from traditional feminine presentation until I get out of my usual routines and people who I usually spend time with.

No one made a fuss over it at Thanksgiving, but my sisters who are both very feminine serve as markers to measure myself against, my very young niece lumped me with "the boys," and every flight attendant on every flight I took has called me sir.

Honestly, it's been A+.

Need to upgrade my cat. I’ve got a desktop but I think a laptop would get in my way less.

One of the best parts about going home for Thanksgiving is getting to spend time with my favorite good pointy boy, Odin.

Witchmark by C. L. Polk is the kind of book where the romance is sweet, the plot is full of the right kind of tension, and the characters are so real and vulnerable that you can't help but love them and worry about them.

Today was the day that I had to reckon with the fact that my little mermaid/sea witch retelling is a romance with a whole lot of tentacles in it--not something that I ever thought that I'd be writing, but there it is.

I will always appreciate the love of knowledge, truth, learning, and the practical but compassionate application of all of the above that I find in the steerswomen of Rosemary Kirstein's Steerswoman books. It's so wonderful to see those things be the tools used to save the world.

Note to self: protagonist has to be the one to protag. It's her story.

Oh thank goodness, I'm still sniffly and intermittently gross but my head has cleared enough for me to put words together and make sentences and paragraphs and drive this story forward. There's nothing I hate more than being too fuzzy-headed to write.

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