Last night a friend told me that my character, currently a minimum height slider catboy with a ponytail, suited me, and it made my maybe nonbinary/maybe just very butch/who knows heart happy.

Couple of my friends did Toto-rak for the first time tonight and we stopped to take screenshots after.

Leave me alone for an afternoon and this is what happens: my character is now Ravenclaw themed.

One of the best parts about going home for Thanksgiving is getting to spend time with my favorite good pointy boy, Odin.

In the face of all that is wrong with the world, be like this cat in front of my airbnb who yowls and does not budge an inch.

Landed in Seattle! Two hours until my flight to Juneau.

You know what geographic formations I fucking love? MOUNTAINS.

Mysogyny in comics 

I was going to go heat up some soup, but then this happened on my stomach.

Guess I'm going hungry a little longer.

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