For other folks learning (including my peeps) --
Rocky mountain School for the Deaf has several awesome playlists on youtube of teachers telling stories from popular kids books.

Good practice, and VERY fun to watch!

Mastodon! I fell off the face of social media this year and forgot this place. Now to figure out how it all works again XD

A concept you're free to adopt:

We've organized novel writers' camps before. All attendants bring their manuscript (how finished it may be), everyone has a named commentator and every manuscript is discussed in group.

This time we thought to also have a starting meetup where everyone could present their novel plans. It was today, and it really brought up fresh ideas BEFORE we've written our novels. Now we have about two months to actually write before the camp.

I find myself wondering if @janellecshane has ever considered training her neural net to write patterns, and now I want to volunteer to test knit one.

Hi folks! I literally just discovered this site's existence after a recommendation from a writer on tumblr. So far, so awesome! :D

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