Said it before and will undoubtedly say it again but libraries are amazing. There's an out of print book that's going for at least £35 2nd hand online but I can get a copy from my local library for a tiny reservation fee.

Bill DeWitt
toki pona
18 sep. 2016

I don't think I have seen any content in this community yet, so I hope no one minds if I repost this and maybe create some original content for it. I just want to see Google Plus have more of a toki pona presence.

Speaking toki pona is like making music on a theremin.

1) Those who do it receive immense satisfaction from doing so
2) You want all your friends to hear it, even though you know they're just being polite
3) Only other theremin players really understand the skill with which you did that last little bit
4) In the end, it's just a weird noise and a lot of handwaving.

#TokiPona #mention #sona #instrument #theremin #ilo_pi_kalama_musi #anno2016

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New FAQ 9: Should you traditionally publish or self-publish?

the opioid hysteria epidemic is really kind of frightening

the doctor i saw at the kidney stone clinic wrote me another rx when i told him about my tolerance and pain, for 24 roxy 15s this time, which should hopefully last 'til thursday

but the was clearly afraid of doing it. "i'm gonna get a phone call about this one," he told me. which. god this shit is infuriating

(he also repeated the "advil works better than opiates for kidney stones!" lie - they are teaching people extremely dangerous and harmful propaganda these days)

the governments and industry are all so obsessed with trying to take opioids away from absolutely everyone. they'd rather we spend the rest of our lives screaming in pain, rather we kill ourselves than allow us access to painkillers.

they're forcing so many people onto heroin. into suicide. people are winding up in jail and psychiatric prisons. homeless, hopeless, helpless. the sheer amount of death and suffering created by this sadistic campaign is beyond enraging.

absolutely everyone responsible for this atrocity deserves to die at the hands of Mengele. that way they might experience some small fraction of the torture, terror, and sheer mindless, pointless cruelty they've brought into the world.

This is coming from a place of making a living wage but

‘Capital stealing the value of my labor’ doesn’t feel nearly as important as capital stealing my LIFE.

40 hours of my week + recovery time. My education choices. Where I can live. Whether I own a pet. Capitalism limits all the wonderful things I could do in life.

I know money can acquire some of these things. I just think the phrase ‘capitalism steals the value of your labor’ isn’t communicating well how much capitalism steals from us.

The old site is now fully moved to I also redirected the old domain name to the new one.

[slaps roof of Walt Whitman] “This bad boy can contain so many fucking multitudes.”

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The whole "Oooh! Libraries are OBSOLETE, the world is DIGITAL now!" thing bugs me for four reasons.

(1) You know a lot of people actually like books that you can hold in your hand, right? And that there exist large numbers of books that ONLY exist in that format and haven't been digitized yet?
(2) Libraries have often been the centers of digitization efforts. Yes, you can find ancient papyri online. This is largely because of efforts like the one at the papyrology department at the University of Michigan library. The same is true of a bunch of other things.
(3) A lot of people have a library involved in their digital explorations, whether using machinery and connections AT the library because all they have is a phone, say, and perhaps a heavily metered connection, to access subscription only databases and archives, and to get help with research.
(4) They provide nuclei for community interaction, often around topics that improve people's relationship with knowledge.

It's really important to let gender-questioning people know that you can just BE any gender you want, even if you're not particularly dysphoric. As long as you feel it would make you happier, then welcome to the trans party, friendo <3

#Denver teacher #strike is almost certainly happening Monday. The Governor is not going to intervene, which means only a last minute deal between the administration and union will prevent it.

At this point a deal being reached looks very unlikely.

Follow Denver IWW and DSA on Twitter and Facebook for updates
(one day we'll get them in the fediverse!)


@gcupc There was a group at my last office who would gather a few cubes down from me and I'd just hear snatches of conversation in a kind of stream of consciousness:

"PUBG" "Mech key" "latency" "water cooled" "LEDs" "g-sync"

It felt like a bad tech version of we didn't start the fire.

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