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My son has asked me if the song “kick out the jams” is about the condiment or people wearing pajamas.

#BOFH excuse #446:

Mailer-daemon is busy burning your message in hell.

Nobody wants your 3D virtual meetings.

Nobody wants your 2D meetings for that matter.

1D is even too much.

Oh, and the Java test suite (for Open Source Java) is proprietary Oracle IP. That's, uh, how is that even a thing, I mean how is that possible, and more importantly, WHY

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Babylon 5 Rewatch : S1E8 : And The Sky Full Of Stars #b5rw 

I like this bit. Sinclair has broken free from the VR dream machine but is still loaded with psychotropic drugs.

From his point of view he's breaking out of Minbari jail and so he takes a shot at his own security people. (Sorry Garibaldi, arrived just a little too late again!) But Delenn is there to risk her life to talk him down.

Why would she do that?


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more times communism worked

Leftist medieval historian describes two times that free peasants formed self-sufficient communes with no class hierarchy, one of which lasted longer than the United States has existed. Both only failed when the landlord class decided it wasn't right for there to be land with no lords and invaded with armies, and even then one of the collectives held out for a very, very long time.

You might be doing good work, but when your 50-person company photo includes only 3 women and no PoC, you have a *lot* more work to do than you realize.

When you're holding a pair of tongs and want to clack them together? Thats your natural instinct towards carcinization rearing its head.

I am retiring my pliers, and have remaindered my shops for a Going out of Business sale. We have to raise another US$500 by Saturday to avoid lease default, and it's this or the Payday Loan. Please consider for your gift giving this season.

you ever think about how Total Eclipse of the Heart was originally a song about vampires meant to be performed by meatloaf cause i think about that what feels like twenty times a day

“We’re seeing more resignations than we did during the pandemic.”

It’s … still a pandemic?

fork of `mv` where if you only pass it one argument it moves it *somewhere*

Batman is a story about a superhero who can never accomplish anything meaningful because if he does, his world instantly loses the "cool tortured 1930s Gothic" vibe that's its defining feature.

If Batman ever cleaned up Gotham, it would become Metropolis with Bruce Wayne as a non-evil Lex Luthor who just, I guess, runs a company well and treats his workers fairly and the audience simply wouldn't be able to follow such an ungrounded wild flight of fantasy.

Prove me wrong.

For everyone that's asking "Do you just sit down and stare at a text editor and code just appears?"

I mean yeah pretty much.

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boss makes a dollar, I'm covered in slime, getting my bones removed on company time

I've been considering including the following NOTICE file:

> Including this NOTICE file verbatim exempts you from the requirements to include this NOTICE file

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