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Batman is a story about a superhero who can never accomplish anything meaningful because if he does, his world instantly loses the "cool tortured 1930s Gothic" vibe that's its defining feature.

If Batman ever cleaned up Gotham, it would become Metropolis with Bruce Wayne as a non-evil Lex Luthor who just, I guess, runs a company well and treats his workers fairly and the audience simply wouldn't be able to follow such an ungrounded wild flight of fantasy.

Prove me wrong.

For everyone that's asking "Do you just sit down and stare at a text editor and code just appears?"

I mean yeah pretty much.

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boss makes a dollar, I'm covered in slime, getting my bones removed on company time

I've been considering including the following NOTICE file:

> Including this NOTICE file verbatim exempts you from the requirements to include this NOTICE file

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machine learning is amazing because you take a bunch of data you don't have permission to use and a few million matrix multiplications later you can generate the wrong answer to any question

80's Educational Video Game Identification Help!

As part of a junior high extended science class we played a game where we tried to keep aliens alive in a lab. As new aliens were added it became harder to keep all of them alive and you had to experiment to keep them happy.

Anyone remember this? The graphics were primitive, even for the time. I played it on an Apple IIe.

#askfediverse #askmastodon #retrocomputing

the same people who run Star Trek Online also run the D&D MMO "Neverwinter" and i just feel its a missed opportunity in Star Trek Online that you cant walk into a holodeck and suddenly you're playing the Neverwinter MMO

I'm trying to write a thing about the back and forth history of control over hardware, software, and data, and I stumbled upon this:

The company that became AOL was originally founded as a pay-to-play game company using dialup on the Atari 2600. (They tried to do the same with music, but Warner Brothers was not interested. Ha!)

I honestly didn't know that assholery about software ownership went back that far, but I should have.

pronouncing the name of the video game "runescape" as if it's a compound word of "run" and "escape"

jeff bezos' whole "inviting rich randos to hang out in his spaceship" thing has the energy of "only guy in the neighbourhood who can afford a hot tub"

I've released version 2.0.0 of my RSS to ActivityPub converter! This now provides functionality I'd hacked in to - it requires OAuth 2.0 authorization for someone to create a new AP account for an RSS feed.

I used to run this service "in the open" but was overwhelmed by spammers. Now the admin of a Mastodon (or Pleroma or any federated server that is an OAuth 2 provider) can provide this converter as a service solely to members of their instance.

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